A new year, a new blog.
However, I'm sticking to my resolutions this year.
This is one of them. I WILL keep up this blog.
Intention explanation. I am planning on doing a few things with this blog:
-Posting pictures.
-Posting random free verse poetry. Maybe short stories. That's to be determined.
-Posting entirely random things from the internet/quotes from books, movies, everyday life... etc.
-Plenty of nerdy comments will happen. I promise.
-I may even end up rambling a little bit. We'll see.
Oh, and:
-Schni the gnome, once I have obtained a gnome worthy of the name, will make several appearances here, I do believe. As I said, I must procure said gnome first.
Anyhow, that basically wraps things up for my launching of this here blog. Posts shall commence their coming sometime in the near future.
Rosie OUT.

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