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I'm co-hosting a sister missionary series with Mo from xoxo, mo!

We both posted the first sister tonight. It'll be Tuesday and Thursdays from now on until we either leave or run out of sisters to feature!

Check it out by clicking here for me and here for Mo!

today I

felt -

physical pain.
mental pain.

learned (or in some cases, relearned) -

I'm not always awesome at listening to reason.
It sucks to ostracize your best friend. Especially when he or she helps keep you sane/stable.
Satan is real, and he hates future missionaries. A lot.
Anxiety when your stomach is already sick is probably the worst ever.
For a supposedly intelligent person, I make some pretty dumb decisions.
Just because I want to do something doesn't mean I should do it.
I am incredibly selfish.
I might be a little bit heartless.
A fevered brain is not a reasonable brain. Neither is a been-awake-for-19-hours brain.
Things that I do don't just affect me... They affect those around me, too.
Satan knows my weaknesses...
I need an ego-check. Or several.
Listening to the Holy Ghost will always be a good idea. The Lord is always right.
Prayer is awesome.

listened to -

"In Rainbows" by Radiohead (twice)
"Kid A" by Radiohead
"Hospice" by The Antlers
"Turn on the Bright Lights" by Interpol
(And they were all amazing, holy cow. I'd listened to Kid A before, but none of the others. My best friend recommended them all to me and it's taken me this long to listen to them... None of them are necessarily super uplifting if you're not happy, because they're all pretty heavy. So... Consider that. And Hospice drops the f-bomb a few times... Also not uplifting. But holy cow. Music.)

read -

Mosiah 29 through Alma 5. Needed it.

Overall... Today wasn't the best day. This post is more for me than anyone else, but if you were affected by what I did yesterday, I'm sorry.

I'm sorry.


on worrying

Ahhhhhhhhhhh I have an interview today. It's a temp job... 6 to 8 weeks. It'd be perfect. It'd also be a swing shift from 3:30pm to 12am... That's less perfect, but I need the money. We'll see. I might be terrified... Shhhhh, don't tell.


deer bois twulve

dear radiohead,
you're pretty much one of my very best friends.
didja know that?
now ya do.
--bon iver

dear skrillex,
i'm glad we're friends again.
it's nice. :)

dear awolnation,
trying to get over myself to help you.
i promise. two weeks.

dear ben folds,
i'm afraid to even talk to you.
i think this is the most terrified i've ever been to talk to someone.
i'm so silly! it's not like i have anything to lose!
--death cab

dear indie,
i will miss you for a year and a half.
classical, hymns, and instrumental are great...
but let's be honest, i'll probably get you stuck in my head anyway.
who knows, maybe nederlanders and belgians have good tastes and i'll hear you on the streets.


sister anjewierden

I decided to create a separate blog for my mission! You can find it here if you're interested! Keep in mind that it's under construction, which is why it currently looks SUPER boring...
While I'm on my mission I'll be posting my letters to it via email, so you can keep up with me. If you care. Ya know. Whatever.

Wooooo have a picture of the Netherlands in It's a Small World at Disneyland!



Sometimes it's just nice to remember that you can do anything good. And to be happy of yourself.


post-holiday update

Well, I apologize for how many there are, but these pictures pretty much sum up my holidays.

We went to California the week before Christmas and had an absolute blast! We went to Disneyland... The beach... A couple temples... It was great fun! We got home the 22nd, then launched right into Christmas festivities. Some of our extended family came to visit - it was lots of fun to see everyone! New Year's Eve was spent at home... It was nice. We watched fireworks off the balcony at midnight and called it good.

As much fun as it all was, it's nice to not have so many things to stress over at once... Now I just have to worry about mission things! 

dear boys eleven

Dear Boys,
Wait, just kidding,
So many boredoms

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