post-holiday update

Well, I apologize for how many there are, but these pictures pretty much sum up my holidays.

We went to California the week before Christmas and had an absolute blast! We went to Disneyland... The beach... A couple temples... It was great fun! We got home the 22nd, then launched right into Christmas festivities. Some of our extended family came to visit - it was lots of fun to see everyone! New Year's Eve was spent at home... It was nice. We watched fireworks off the balcony at midnight and called it good.

As much fun as it all was, it's nice to not have so many things to stress over at once... Now I just have to worry about mission things! 


  1. You had me at CHUCKS! This looks like a pretty stellar holiday, indeed!
    But also, hey there! I liked your comment on my blog! Very nice to meet you. (hand shake)

  2. aw this looks so fun!! i love disneyland... favorite place. lovely pictures too :)


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