they call me from
the room.

i glance over
and their 

i pick them up
c a u t i o u s l y

study carefully until
        the end 

but i do not just study
i become them.

when they stop
a part 
of me


Maaaarvelous... Tuesday?

Yes, yes, yes. I missed three Mondays in a row. I am well aware. Soo... It's Tuesday again. :) That's okay. I'll be better!
Things I loved about today this week the last three weeks:
-Spirit week dress ups
-Being reminded of my childhood! Like:
     *How much I disliked Aaron Carter (For good reason, too! Look at him! He was a weirdo!)
     *How bangle bracelets were all the rage, as well as
     *SO much more. Those were the days.
     *Full House and other lovely TV shows that didn't stink.
-Finding legitimate cowboy boots at the DI for $10, and wearing them way too often
-Spirit Bowl
-Spirit Bowl being OVER
-Los Angeles... Just in general
-Our amazing bus driver for the A'Capella trip, Dan! He approved of my boots. :)
-What humidity does to my hair! It looks better in California! Look! Here and here. See?
-Being asked to Senior Ball at Disneyland by Nicholas Shrum! :) He wins. So much.
-Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth!
-Tower of Terror at California Adventure
-All the rest of the rides I went on!
-World of Color show at Disney!
-The buddy system
-Kyle/Randy references
-My friends!
-Spring break
-My family
There is so much more that I want to list, but I'd better stop. :) 'Night!
Peace OUT.


Ha, April Fools!

So, as you can see, I changed the title back. I was feeling all cliche with my Sound of Music references...
And I was missing my gnomes. But it's okay! They're back! I would like to apologize for the disgusting, noisy, off-color banner... It will be fixed within the next few days, hopefully. It wouldn't save with enough quality in Paint. I need to figure out where we put Photoshop Elements...
Anyhow, my URL is back to gnombre.blogspot.com as well. Just in case you wanted to know. :)
Keep rockin', lovelies.


Marvelous! A letter...

Dear Life,
I wish I could express how awesome you are. Even though it's not Monday (My bad, too much sleeping occurred during homework time yesterday), you really have been super marvelous lately. I would like to list some of the reasoning for my feelings on the matter.
Things I loved about today this week (again)
- I got a job. :)
- I got a SECOND job. I am dead serious here, too. We'll talk about where that is later...
- General Conference is sorta pretty much completely and utterly the BOMB. I love General Authorities. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is true, my friends. I know that. :)
- I got to go to the Sunday Afternoon Session of GC!
- I almost wasn't going to get an Honors Diploma, due to some miscommunication, but it's OK now; I will receive one after all.
- I didn't have AP Psych homework tonight.
- Blossoming trees that look super pretty with snow on them!
- Salty-smelling rain. It reminds me of the beach. And the fact that I'll be at the beach next weekend!
- Showers. When I go a day without one, I just feel like crud.
- French braids. I need to learn how to do them!
- I got a packet for World Civilizations quarter 1 today, and started quarter 2 in school... I'm going to graduate! YES!
- The way the sky looks on a cloudy night. Just that white, light color. Especially when it's snowing... The lighter the sky, the cooler it looks. :)
- More fashion blogs. Love this girlie- http://hellomonkeyface.blogspot.com/
- My family! I got to spend a bunch of time with them over the weekend... They're super bamf. I do believe that's the first time I've used that word.
I'm sure I could go on and on and on, but it's time for sleep. Just remember that you're awesome, life. I sure wouldn't mind if you'd continue being so stinkin' nice to me. ;)
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