As this week is the start of midterms, and I have five 1000-word essays to write by Friday, Marvelous Monday will be finished and posted next Monday.
In the meantime, check out Banksy's art, or read about him here.

UPDATE: This is also an excellent source to learn more about Banksy!


Monday, Monday....

So I know that it's Tuesday, but I was exhausted last night!
Yesterday was, in all honesty, a terrible day. However, last night is a different story. :)

Things I loved about yesterday (night):
-Going to the grocery store and getting real food!
-Eating tasty food
-Yup, you guessed it... More Coldplay! :)
-The paint dance
-Nearly-empty Romney Stadium at night :)
-The super attractive Wasatch Warriors Intramural football team! Whose game we missed... Almost all of.

(also, me awkwardly standing on the edge because Andrea and I switched cameras so we could both be in a picture... And Eric and Daniel with their stomach "w"s. "Women want Wasatch Warriors!")
-Talking to Hannah and Megan about deep stuff. And also about not deep stuff. :)
-Mumford and Sons - nuff said.
-Finishing homework

Which is what I'm gonna do now. :) Peace, y'all!


Some more bucket list and an obsession.

Of late, alls I want to listen to is Coldplay. 
There's just something about them that never gets old. :)
AAAAND they have a new album coming out. 
I know where my extra money is going...
Anyway, this is my favorite, currently:

And I'm using this one for an assignment for my Music Therapy class:

And this is the one that is constantly stuck in my head. ALLLLL the time, no joke!

They're so amazing. I would love to see them live someday. :)

Anyway, I've got some more bucket list for you! :) Some are school related... I'll link explanations. :)

26. Become a "True Aggie" (but by kissing a boy I actually like, thanks)
27. Go inside every building on the Utah State campus at least once
28. Go skydiving
29. Learn to sew well enough to make my own clothing!
30. See floating lanterns (like in Tangled! Thailand and China have floating light festivals, as do a few other places)
31. Get an engagement picture taken on a swing
32. Learn to ballroom dance
33. Get a Bachelor's Degree
34. Get a Master's Degree
35. Try all 26 flavors of Aggie Ice Cream
36. Fly in a hot air balloon
37. Walk the Great Wall of China
38. Have dinner in the Space Needle
39. Clean the sink at Angie's 
40. Go bungee jumping

And that, folks, is all for now. 
Thank you and good night!


Just another manic Monday!

You know those days when you just can't wake up, even after you're technically awake?
Yeah, today was one of those ones.
Got up at 7, showered, went back to bed 'til 8, dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, braided my hair at the speed of light, and flew out the door because I was late for my 8:30 class.

All things considered, I really need to reflect and remind myself of the good parts, so here goes. :)

Things I loved about today
-Boys who smell really good
-Cute watches
XOXO Women's XO5301A Rhinestone Accent Silver-Tone Bracelet Watch
-The words "sale" and "clearance"
-My adorable computer
-Nude nail polish
-Carmex Cherry Chapstick (in click stick form)
-Being forgiven
-Not having work
-Getting a new job! (More on that later)
-Doing laundry and thus having clean clothing
-Ward FHE
-Boys ;)
-Eating weird food (like Nutella and celery. And jelly with a tortilla)
-Nutella, with most everything.
-The stake presidency
-The bishopric
-Having time to do absolutely nothing at all
-Not having class at 7:45am. (Haha suckaaaaas at West. ;) )

His voice is so amazing. But the video... I laughed through almost the entire thing, ha. So weird!

Yeahhh... I think that pretty much covers it for this week. I shall give details on my new job later, as well as more bucket list! :)



Well, I ended my last shift at Convergys a couple of hours ago.

Before I expand on that, let me just explain a few things:
  1. I hate taking customer service calls. People are jerks and they whine and cry and scream and yell and swear. They make me really mad. Also, I hate it when I can't fix their problem. It just sucks. Plus Comcast is a corporation and they're ripping people off and being all about the money, and... It's hard to work for something you don't believe in/like. I don't even watch TV....
  2. I love the people at Convergys. My team lead and my trainer and all the friends I made through training and sitting by people on the call floor.... They're so amazing!
  3. I am taking 15 credits at school. I have to take 15 credits because of this scholarship. It's annoying. I also have to do 5-10 hours of research weekly for said scholarship. Which is cool, but time consuming!
  4. I have fallen asleep in approximately half of the classes that I have had in the past 2 week period since school started, due to less sleep than necessary (caused by a 30 hour work week added to everything else).

Needless to say... I was pretty justified in quitting, but there were a few weird things about it - 
  • I am super excited to not take calls any longer.
  • I am incredibly sad that I may not see my work friends ever again.
  • Saying goodbye to my trainer was really hard. Likewise, it was hard to say goodbye to my team lead. I felt like I was letting them down, even though it was a necessary/justified decision. I really will miss all of the friends and awesome people I met at Convergys. :(
  • I will probably never walk into that building again. So weird...
  • My mouth will probably never again taste the words "Thank you for choosing Comcast where we know that our customers are awesome! I'm Kira and I'll be helping you out tonight. May I get the primary phone number on your account, area code first please?" and "I do apologize," and "I can definitely see how that's frustrating for ya," and "I'm gonna go ahead and send a signal to that box."
  • I'm going to have all this free time... I don't know what that feels like!
Anyway, I'll be all right, but for now my brain is trying to adjust... I still feel like I'm scheduled for tomorrow!

Have you ever quit a job? How did you feel?


Marvelous Monday: {Back to School Edition}

So just a note here - This post was started last Monday, and finished just right now... So it's a hybrid. Haha. :) Two weeks together here. In my defense, I barely had time to breathe. Enjoy!

Guess what, y'all?

I started college!
Supas cool, right?
Yeah, pretty much. 
But before I get more into that, two things:

Awwww, little kids!
Awwww, cute proposal!
Men... You should be like Randy. :)
And also, I want to marry Kyle. What? I didn't say that.
Kid History is the best!

'Kay, commercial break over.

Things I loved about today:
-Umm hello, I started college! :)
-Music Therapy with Maureen Heaps... She's hilarious!
-Thinking about mantras
-Maxi dresses, or as Kari calls them, church pajamas
-Wearing dresses
-50 minutes classes!
-Finding thrifting buddies!
-Online window shopping!
-Going on adventures with old friends...

-And with new ones. :)

-This building (the Merrill-Cazier Library) 

-My roommates and neighbors :) 
(Lauren, Kaitlyn, Dalton, and Ben)

-The awesome things I find all around campus 

-Downtown Logan! Main street is the bomb. 

-Having days off of work, when I get to adventure with my friends even more :) 
(Alex and Eric drinkin' some tasty root beer) 

-Sitting on a couch outside a furniture store and waving at people in cars who are driving by. For an hour. :)

-Weird, quirky people who put signs like this in their yards 

-Wondering what this means 

-Family Home Evening (Ward style)! Dodgeball. With some extra rules. 

-These boys:
(Alex, Eric, and Daniel. Being creepsters.)

-This awesome collage. And also the school that it depicts. :) 

-This cool game that you play with just a cue and 8 pool balls! I fail at it. 

-Ending off the night with a fantastic movie. :) 

-Getting new clothing!
-Comfy clothes
-Wearing jeans instead of shorts because it's finally cool enough outside!
-Having my own practice room for an hour every weekday
-The fact that I get to play a Steinway to practice, even if it is an upright
-Having all music classes, except 2!
-Two Institute classes!
-New friends, old friends, and in between!
-Once again... Cute boys. :)

It all makes me feel like this:

(Only less grimace-y and more overjoyed)

Happy back to school, everybody. :)
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