Monday, Monday....

So I know that it's Tuesday, but I was exhausted last night!
Yesterday was, in all honesty, a terrible day. However, last night is a different story. :)

Things I loved about yesterday (night):
-Going to the grocery store and getting real food!
-Eating tasty food
-Yup, you guessed it... More Coldplay! :)
-The paint dance
-Nearly-empty Romney Stadium at night :)
-The super attractive Wasatch Warriors Intramural football team! Whose game we missed... Almost all of.

(also, me awkwardly standing on the edge because Andrea and I switched cameras so we could both be in a picture... And Eric and Daniel with their stomach "w"s. "Women want Wasatch Warriors!")
-Talking to Hannah and Megan about deep stuff. And also about not deep stuff. :)
-Mumford and Sons - nuff said.
-Finishing homework

Which is what I'm gonna do now. :) Peace, y'all!


  1. You know I made this  connection forever ago and I don't know why it didn't come up the first time that you mentioned Coldplay but Coldplay is the U2 of our generation. One day we'll be forty and our kids will still love good ol' Coldplay!

  2. You know, it's funny you say that, because I think the very same thing. :) Actually, the very first song I ever heard from them, which I believe was Yellow, sounded like U2 to me for the first minute or so. Then I realized it was someone different... I love em. :)


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