Happy Monday!

Now that that's out of my system... Hi! 
I'm actually doing a Marvelous post this week. :)
And there's a lot to list, so here we go!

Things I loved about today this month:
-Meeting new people
-Comcast customers who aren't grumpy
-Getting my netbook back!
-Meeting cute boys ;)
-Student wards!
-The Golden Toaster
-Coolish temperatures
-Facebook stalking!
-Graduating training at work!
-Living on campus
-My coworkers
-People who call in with their Comcast problems and make jokes
-Finding the Logan thrift stores (D.I.!)
-Essie: e-nuf is e-nuf and turquoise&caicos
e-nuf is e-nufturquoise & caicos
-Moving in!
-Utah State University... In general. :)
-Chilean neighbors!
-Old Main!
-The way I feel when I get off of work :)
-Being comfortable (physically and mentally)
-Laughing at myself :)
-Knowing what I know
-My religion
-Jesus Christ, my elder brother and Savior :)
-Midnight food runs with mah friends. :)
-Eating chocolate for dinner
-Not having a curfew
-Thunderstorms (of epic proportions!)
-The pursuit of happiness
-This blog. :)

And all you lovely people. :)


I'll admit it...

Okay, okay... I've been slackin'.
I've been busy with work and moving things and all that jazz, but I really do have time to post.
I'm such a horrible blogger. But I'm going to fix it and all will be well! Yay!
Anyway, here I am, finally. And I don't have a Marvelous Monday for you...
Nor do I have the outfit pictures I was hoping to be able to start posting on here...
But I do have something else that's really cool!
My Bucket List! :)
Have y'all seen the movie The Bucket List? It's really good. :)
If you haven't, it's about these two elderly, terminally ill men who decide that there are some things they want to do before they "kick the bucket".
It's a great idea, right?
That's what I thought, so now I'm starting my own.
And it will be awesome. :)

Here's the plan:
Every time I come up with something new, I'll add it.
I'll put it in a post with whatever else I want to post, and I'll also add it to my new little pagina (that mean page for y'all who aren't fluent in Spanglish ;) ).

Anyway, here are my first few! -

Kira's Bucket List
1. Visit Santa Claus, Indiana with my best friend, Laura

2. Get married in the Salt Lake City Temple
3. Build a Rube Goldberg Machine
4. Publish a book
5. Make a music video
6. Record a song
7. Live somewhere outside of Utah
8. Visit Scotland
9. Save a life
10. Kiss in the rain
11. Make a pair of shoes
12. Go scuba diving
13. Fall hopelessly in love
14. Visit every continent
15. Visit the Galapagos
16. Take an engagement picture on a bridge
17. Get a legit old bicycle and paint it sea foam green
18. Successfully learn to do the Jerk
19. Own an Australian Shepherd
20. Live in the country
21. Find the ugliest dress I can at a thrift store and refashion it
22. Go trick-or-treating in college
23. Get an SLR camera
24. Own a red Mustang convertible
25. Learn to play the oboe

Mmkay... That's good for now. :)

Also, I love this song.

She's lovely. And has a gorgeous, different sound. I LOVE IT.

Kbye. :)
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