awkward and awesome time


Thrifted Sweater and Flats, Blue skinny jeans - Ross, Sunglasses - F21 

As I have had minimal motivation to do anything this week, including make a list of happy things when I just wanted to be the angsty teenager that I'm supposed to be, Marvelous Monday did not happen.
HOWEVER, there is a way to fix this situation.
At The Daybook, the lovely Sydney does Awkward and Awesome Thursdays every week.
Seeing as this week involved plenty of awkward, but also lots of awesome, I decided it would be a good week to try it out for myself. :)

-That moment when the girl you and your roommates have been laughing at as you watch her wave her arms around in her living room from your own living room sees you. And then decides that, after hiding behind the wall because she's embarrassed, she'll pretend to flash you. Twice.
-The zipper on my lovely electric blue skinnies that just doesn't understand what "stay up" means.
-The hazelnut that my neighbor boy managed to accidentally bounce off of my hand and down my shirt.
-Walking out of my friends' residence hall and realizing that my bike was not longer where I had left it.
-Eating delicious Salvadorian food on an empty stomach. Then being doubled over in pain for a few hours.
-Having a cold. Just kind of in general.
-Forgetting my laptop charger when I went to the library with my roommate, Lauren, rendering me unable to finish my essay at the library, after walking there. Oops.
-The whiff of manure that one can smell at pretty much any point on campus when the wind blows just right.
-Irrational-woman syndrome. 'Nuff said.
-Playing Super Smash Brothers after years and years against boys who play regularly
-Finishing Music Theory homework a week early!
-"Educational" videos from the fifties that promoted conformity and made me laugh myself to sleep when I was taken down by the nasty cold monster over the weekend.
-Coldplay's new album, "Mylo Xyloto," that came out this week (I pre-ordered over a month ago), which I've been listening to on repeat, almost non-stop.
-Napping in-between classes.
-The nights when roommates make dinner for the whole apartment and it's amazing.
-Free food, and discovering that there are hazelnuts that grow on campus.
-Haunted houses, and boys who put their arm around you at such places.
-Having a cold room at night so that I can snuggle up in my blankets and sleep all cozy and warm.
-Remembering that I really wanted to write poetry. At a time that I actually had time to write some.
-Getting the best email ever from my best friend ever, and feeling on top of the world because she listed things that were awesome about me. Be jealous - she's my best friend.

I feel like that was rather satisfying. Look forward to another occurrence of this sort if I miss another Marvelous Monday!



I know that I tend to post several songs from the same artist around the same time, but it's because they're always all so goooooood. Here's some more Gotye for you. I'd have posted the actual video, but it's rather sketchy. Very cool, but semi-scandalous. Soooo... This kind of gives a feel for the video. BUT that doesn't matter anyway because the song is so so so incredible.
Also, he's Belgian. They speak Dutch in Belgium. I'm a Dutch woman.
Obviously he's cool!
Now go! Listen!

Now send me all the words of gratitude you can muster because the song is now stuck in your head, but you love it so much that it doesn't matter.


His name is Marv.

Okay, we had dinner and caramel apples at Home Evening, and I feel like I'm going to burst.
BUT it's been a rather lovely day/week. Sooo prepare yourself. :)
Things I loved about this week:
-Hiccups that are so loud that they make you laugh
-New (to me) music! Like:
Gotye - Eyes Wide Open (SO MUCH LOVE)
The Avett Brothers - I and Love and You (Thank you, Mumford & Sons Pandora station)
-Spotify! I was skeptical but it has won me over
-Haunted Village at This is the Place Heritage Part
-Scary things, when experienced with lovely friends!
-Realizing what people mean when they say that someone smells "intoxicating"
-Beautiful sunsets! There were so many this week
-Bean bags!
-Scary movies, whether they're really scary or not
-The good type of that butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling
-Being able to laugh at myself
-My awesome roommate, Megan. Look, we're twinners!
-Objects that bring nostalgia
-Simple but lovely things, like leaves
-Finding a way to make ear buds stay in my weirdly shaped ears!
-Figuring out how to be a patient person. Sometimes it works.
-The people of my lovely "residence hall" (because dorm apparently has negative connotations)
-Not falling asleep in US Institutions
-Remembering that an assignment is due Wednesday, not today, after having a panic attack
-Psych. Oh my goodness, Psych. Netflix put Season 5 up, and the sixth season just started. I've got a little catching up to do, but it's so lovely to watch again! :)
-The fact that there are even lipsyncs in college... Beauty.
-Snuggling up in a blanket to get warm!
-Feeling super duper attractive
-Comfortable clothing
-Elmer, my huge-mongous pink bunny
-That crazy tall kid there. Even though he makes me mad and steals Elmer.
-Not having plungers on my face!
-The fact that the plunger that was on my face was new. *phew*
-Getting highly anticipated texts/any form of contact
-Remembering that I work tomorrow, and it's for Odyssey Dance Theatre's Thriller, and everyone else has to pay $5 to get in, but I get paid to watch it. :)
-Only one more week until the new Coldplay album is out!
-The awkwardness that is this picture. Note that he has dyed his facial hair pink, and that he is on my bed. Weeeeeeeeeirdo.
-Pretty things!
-Cute little pictures that my sisters draw/make for me
-Not having glitter on my fingers
-Talking to my momma about life
-Realizing that my birthday is in just over two weeks!
-It's not even midnight yet, and I'm finished posting! :)

I shall be better at posting this week. :)




It's a Monday, and I'm posting. Be proud. :)
It's been a nutsy week! So much goin' on... And so much that should be going on... And... Argh.
Here we goooo!

Things I loved about today:
-The color of my nails
-Mumford and Sons
-Death Cab for Cutie
-Modern technology
-Not doing my own hair
-The lovely people in my building
-Hannah Banks and Megan Garn :)
-Stake dance: College-style
-Breaking it down like the white girl I am
-These songs:

-Thinking about Halloween
-This place. So excited for basketball games! :)
-Seeing this one boy, even if it was just for like 5 seconds
-Interpretive dancing
-Warm clothes
-Listening ears
-Duct tape
-The color yellow
-Food! And the fact that I've been making things! Not today, but still!
-The smell of rain
-Harmonizing to Coldplay songs
-Memories of high school. Or some anyway. Like this one:

That pretty much covers it.
All-in-all... Not a bad day. :)
Peace out, homie Gs! ;) 


precious :)

Okay, this is so precious. I hope that I can be like this after 60 years of marriage. :)
The description - "An elderly couple walked into the lobby of the Mayo Clinic for a checkup and spotted a piano. They've been married for 62 years and he'll be 90 this year. Check out this impromptu performance. We are only as old as we feel, it's all attitude. Enjoy!"

i do believe in aggies; i do, i do!

Well goodness, it seems like it's been ages.
Last week felt about twice as long as it really was!
I had my first real heap of homework... 
It took me 3 days. Straight.
Anyway, it is over now, and I am so thankful to not have 6 essays due this week.
Oops, that was going on my list!
I had best get on with this before I spew the rest of it. ;)

Things I loved about today, last week, and all of the above
-Finishing my homework last week
-The BYU - Utah State game! It was a moral dilemma trying to decide who to cheer for, but so fun!
-General Conference for my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
-One of my favorite talks can be viewed here!
-President Thomas S. Monson
-All the other incredible church leaders that I am so fortunate to have
-This video (I want about 89% of all the clothing in it)
-Going to football games!
-Screaming slighty-altered lines from Peter Pan at said football games
-Seeing friends at BYU

 -Jamba Juice

-Spending time with my dad!
-Watching 17 Miracles and crying like a newborn child
-Reading Revelation 21:4 and realizing that even through the hard times, all can be well through Christ :)
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-The fact that it's October! October means Halloween! I love Halloween. :)
-The fact that it has started to cool down. Jacket weather! 
-My dope watch
-Planking, hahahaha. :)

-Trying to figure out what to be for Halloween
-Resolving confusing things
-Clearing up misunderstandings for the better
-Visiting my family
-Having weird roommates

 -Helping high school boys ask high school girls to dances ;)


-Birthday celebrations for roommates! :) We "cleaned the sink" at Angie's for Taylour's birthday :)

-Brown paper packages... Not tied up with string, but so lovely, nonetheless. :) Thanks Nick! 

-Gardner Village at Halloween time. :)

-This little chica :) 

-My lovely siblings! (minus McKayla in the picture :( ) 

-Free steak from awesome neighbors. Mmmmmmm.

It was an amazing couple weeks! I love college...
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