i do believe in aggies; i do, i do!

Well goodness, it seems like it's been ages.
Last week felt about twice as long as it really was!
I had my first real heap of homework... 
It took me 3 days. Straight.
Anyway, it is over now, and I am so thankful to not have 6 essays due this week.
Oops, that was going on my list!
I had best get on with this before I spew the rest of it. ;)

Things I loved about today, last week, and all of the above
-Finishing my homework last week
-The BYU - Utah State game! It was a moral dilemma trying to decide who to cheer for, but so fun!
-General Conference for my church, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.
-One of my favorite talks can be viewed here!
-President Thomas S. Monson
-All the other incredible church leaders that I am so fortunate to have
-This video (I want about 89% of all the clothing in it)
-Going to football games!
-Screaming slighty-altered lines from Peter Pan at said football games
-Seeing friends at BYU

 -Jamba Juice

-Spending time with my dad!
-Watching 17 Miracles and crying like a newborn child
-Reading Revelation 21:4 and realizing that even through the hard times, all can be well through Christ :)
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-The fact that it's October! October means Halloween! I love Halloween. :)
-The fact that it has started to cool down. Jacket weather! 
-My dope watch
-Planking, hahahaha. :)

-Trying to figure out what to be for Halloween
-Resolving confusing things
-Clearing up misunderstandings for the better
-Visiting my family
-Having weird roommates

 -Helping high school boys ask high school girls to dances ;)


-Birthday celebrations for roommates! :) We "cleaned the sink" at Angie's for Taylour's birthday :)

-Brown paper packages... Not tied up with string, but so lovely, nonetheless. :) Thanks Nick! 

-Gardner Village at Halloween time. :)

-This little chica :) 

-My lovely siblings! (minus McKayla in the picture :( ) 

-Free steak from awesome neighbors. Mmmmmmm.

It was an amazing couple weeks! I love college...

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