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As I have had minimal motivation to do anything this week, including make a list of happy things when I just wanted to be the angsty teenager that I'm supposed to be, Marvelous Monday did not happen.
HOWEVER, there is a way to fix this situation.
At The Daybook, the lovely Sydney does Awkward and Awesome Thursdays every week.
Seeing as this week involved plenty of awkward, but also lots of awesome, I decided it would be a good week to try it out for myself. :)

-That moment when the girl you and your roommates have been laughing at as you watch her wave her arms around in her living room from your own living room sees you. And then decides that, after hiding behind the wall because she's embarrassed, she'll pretend to flash you. Twice.
-The zipper on my lovely electric blue skinnies that just doesn't understand what "stay up" means.
-The hazelnut that my neighbor boy managed to accidentally bounce off of my hand and down my shirt.
-Walking out of my friends' residence hall and realizing that my bike was not longer where I had left it.
-Eating delicious Salvadorian food on an empty stomach. Then being doubled over in pain for a few hours.
-Having a cold. Just kind of in general.
-Forgetting my laptop charger when I went to the library with my roommate, Lauren, rendering me unable to finish my essay at the library, after walking there. Oops.
-The whiff of manure that one can smell at pretty much any point on campus when the wind blows just right.
-Irrational-woman syndrome. 'Nuff said.
-Playing Super Smash Brothers after years and years against boys who play regularly
-Finishing Music Theory homework a week early!
-"Educational" videos from the fifties that promoted conformity and made me laugh myself to sleep when I was taken down by the nasty cold monster over the weekend.
-Coldplay's new album, "Mylo Xyloto," that came out this week (I pre-ordered over a month ago), which I've been listening to on repeat, almost non-stop.
-Napping in-between classes.
-The nights when roommates make dinner for the whole apartment and it's amazing.
-Free food, and discovering that there are hazelnuts that grow on campus.
-Haunted houses, and boys who put their arm around you at such places.
-Having a cold room at night so that I can snuggle up in my blankets and sleep all cozy and warm.
-Remembering that I really wanted to write poetry. At a time that I actually had time to write some.
-Getting the best email ever from my best friend ever, and feeling on top of the world because she listed things that were awesome about me. Be jealous - she's my best friend.

I feel like that was rather satisfying. Look forward to another occurrence of this sort if I miss another Marvelous Monday!

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  1. That's right :) I am your best friend because you are such a good friend! Keep your chin up, and email me back, woman! I'm dying ;)


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