Tubular Tuesday?

Well. It's been a while.
I should be better at the MONDAY part of Marvelous Mondays. Haha. :)
Anyhow, here we go:

Things that I loved about today the last 2 weeks:
-As of the 3rd of this month, I am now an official adult!
-No more of that "parental permission even though you're in college" business!
-Finding the "Inception" soundtrack on Spotify. Ahhhh beauty.
Here's "Dream is Collapsing" for you. :)
-My super-pro Facebook stalking skills. Like... You have no idea how pro.
-I wrote letters to two missionaries! :) Just need to send 'em.
-I know this is old hat, but my Halloween costume!

Daniel - Skid Row, Me - Curiosity Killed the Cat, and Eric - Captain America
-Running alone and exploring Logan :)
-Roommates making dinner for the whole apartment!
-New music! Please give me suggestions - I LOOOOVE new music!
-Our pumpkins. Also a while ago, but I had to share because I love them! 
-Laughing so hard that my sides ache. :)
-Being able to register for my classes before pretty much anyone and getting all the classes I wanted! Even though Honors is almost inherently evil, it does have pros.
-I get to do legit research on risk factors in eating disorders! So neat!
-Planking jokes, especially this one.
-My US Institutions class... I never thought I'd say that, but I enjoy it.
-A ridiculously cute boy in said class. :)
-Feeling "in shape"
 -First snow of the year in Logan!!!!!
-Running way longer than I planned and finding out I did five miles instead of two!
-Not having a cold anymore after getting two in a three-week period.
-Healthy food! Weird, right?
 -Google Chrome has the ability to "obliterate" browsing data from the beginning of time. ;)
-The people that live in my building. :)
-Group scripture study in the basement. Every night. I have the coolest friends ever!
-Underwear, especially when other clothes are missing. *Shudder*
-Pullin' a Julian Smith and trying hot koolaid! I quite like it!
-Making Josh and Daniel sparkle like horrible Stephanie-Meyerian vampires. It was preeeeetty hot.
-Flirting. 'Nuff said, hm?
 -Visiting the fam!

And last, but not least,

That is all.

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  1. Actually your Facebook stalking is way beyond impressive. Gold. Star. Love you!


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