dear colts dos (amended)

Yeah, Dear Colts. Because that's how my "Ponify"-'d internet makes every other "Dear Boys" post look, and hey, why not? 
Sometimes I really think I should be more concerned about the things that I do that are generally socially unacceptable. But then I decide to embrace them because they're hilarious. 
Seriously, it changes America to Amareica. And guys/men to stallions. And women to mares and girls to fillies, etc., so there are phrases like "I love you stallions" all over my interwebs, which are especially hilarious when I forget I even have Ponify :)
Anyway, to the point!

Dear Curly,
Well. That was unexpected...

Dear Teddy Bear,
Ahhhhh I know my roommate is hot but can't I just flirt with you for five seconds first?

Dear BLT,
I don't understand you.
But I kinda wanna hold your hand.

Dear Money,
I miss you. A lot.
Like... More than I thought I would.

Dear Guitar,
I have dreams about you all the time.
It's weird, but the weirdest thing about it is how not-weird it feels.
6 years

Dear Fresh,
How you doin'?
I mean...

Dear Frodo,
You're super great.
You chew gum weirder than anyone I've ever known.
Thanks for being my friend, because you're amazing at it.
You have great taste in music, but you know that.
I really just wanted to know if you read these. ;)
Now go check out Elise's blog!

This one just happened. So.

Dear CPA,
That smile.
I could do with a date right about now. ;)


mlp - the mane six

Remember how I'm "fixated" on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Which shall henceforth be known as MLP or FiM)?
Well today, you get to learn more about this marvelous show, because I'm on a kick. I figure I'll explain it a bit at a time, because then maybe you'll understand that I'm not crazy and/or a creeper who watches little girl shows, but actually a young adult with exceptional taste in television. ;)

Look at this stuff, then go watch the show. I'm dead serious over here.

Today I'm going to educate you on what most bronies and pegasisters refer to as the "Mane Six" (haha... ha. hahahaha). They are awesome. Now learn.

Twilight Sparkle - Twilight could probably technically be considered the "mane" (muahaha) character. She moves to Ponyville in the first episode and that is where everything begins! Twilight is an intellectual. She lives in a library and knows something about most everything. If she doesn't know about something, she looks through her piles and piles of books to find out about it. She is a Unicorn and uses her horn to create super powerful magic. Oh, and she's awesome. Her only huge flaw is being too organized. She can't handle chaos. It makes her crazy.

Applejack - Applejack is a proud member of the Apple family. She does a lot for the family business, which is, eeeyup, an apple farm. Orchard. Whatever. Anyway, she's super strong and super trustworthy, and helps everyone in every way she can, because she's good at pretty much everything. She is a little headstrong, fairly competitive, and sometimes cares a little bit too much about her reputation, but she would do anything for her friends, which is so honorable that it pretty much makes the other things okay.

Fluttershy - Fluttershy is like the shyest person you know, but shyer. Like... Painfully shy. She is afraid of hurting anyone's feeling and could sometimes essentially be considered Equestria's biggest doormat. She is the kindest, sweetest pony of the bunch, and would do anything to make her friends happy. Though a Pegasus, she's not a big fan of flying, and, as a result, lives down in Ponyville with the Earth Ponies and Unicorns. She loves animals, and they love her right back - she's kind of like Snow White... But a pony... 
Pinkie Pie - Pinkie likes to celebrate everything. "It's your quarter birthday, so I baked you a cake and there's a party at my house in celebration of you tonight! Hope you can make it!" She's like that (she doesn't actually ever say that, specifically. But you get the picture). As a good friend of mine once said, Pinkie just wants everyone to have fun. She loves to pull pranks and tell jokes - anything to make others laugh. She can get a little over-the-top sometimes and take things too far, which sometimes makes her friends uncomfortable, but mostly she's just hilarious.
Rainbow Dash - RD is the tomboy of the group. She's super athletic, and, though she is probably a bit too vocal/definitely cocky about it, very talented. She loves flying and is crazy fast. Since she's so ridiculously competitive, she and Applejack sometimes butt heads. They're a lot alike in their pride, as well. Rainbow worries an awful lot about her reputation - even if she feels like someone is threatening or challenging her records or talents, she will do whatever is in her power to eliminate that threat. Despite her bull-headedness, she is incredibly loyal, and proves it constantly.
Rarity - Last but not least, Rarity is the girly-girl, and a wannabe socialite. Though she was born in Ponyville, she believes that she was meant for something more. She owns a clothing shop and dreams of becoming a big-time fashion designer and living in Canterlot, where all of Equestria's royalty and high society ponies live. She's kind of a snob sometimes, and she loves attention, which sometimes becomes a problem because she is easily made jealous, but when it comes to her friends, she is generous, kind, and selfless (well, more selfless than usual ;)).

Aaaand now you know a bit about the mane six. Stay tuned, you'll be hearing more about these guys. ;) In the meantime... Go watch the show.


So, as you may have realized, I finally finished and put up my new layout! I still feel like it's missing a few things, so I may change things as I decide I want to, but this is it, for the most part. :)
It was super fun to design! I reaaaally want to take a graphic design class (or a few!) so that I can really understand it and become better. Also, I want a drawing tablet. Haha. Man.
Anyway, I'm working on like 7 other posts but I figured I'd post something quick so that it didn't seem like I abandoned this here blog! More to come later, I promise!



Sometimes I am guilty of following the crowd.
Sometimes it's a bad thing.
Like when I decided to watch my roommates and neighbors play Slender.
If you haven't experienced Slender...
Well, it's kind of fun to be scared, but I get Slender Man thoughts that keep me from sleeping at night.
Soo.... Maybe I don't recommend it, but nonetheless, the Wiki is here.
Anyway, I do recommend this. Especially if you've experienced Slender.


this happened

Sometimes things happen that you never even imagined would happen in your wildest dreams. 
It's kind of like... Someone giving you a whole pie just because. But better. Because the most recent one of these for me was my LOVELY friends Minden and James (who are also the cutest engaged couple of ever, and will someday soon be the cutest married couple of ever) having an extra ticket to the Mumford and Sons concert at the Saltair two weeks ago. It was kind of pretty much so incredibly magic.

Picture vomit time. Excuse the sad, blurry point-and-shoot pictures.

Slow Club and Nathaniel Rateliff, the two opening acts. They were amazing!

The cutest engaged couple of ever (you might recognize Minden from this)

Maggi (Minden's cousin) and I. These were our "We don't have dates" faces. That was before we decided to be each others' dates. It shall go down in history as one of the most successful blind dates in history, because this girl is slowly becoming friend of the best variety.

The venue exceeding perfection. It was gorgeous. 

And finally Mumford!

They did not disappoint. The entire concert was phenomenal. Seriously, if you ever have a chance to see Mumford live? Don't even think twice. I almost didn't go, and I am fairly sure my life would be about 20% less cool had I not. 
Also, bucket list item crossed off. Yessss.

Now listen to this song.

Now go do yourself a favor and pre-order their new CD. kthxbye
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