this happened

Sometimes things happen that you never even imagined would happen in your wildest dreams. 
It's kind of like... Someone giving you a whole pie just because. But better. Because the most recent one of these for me was my LOVELY friends Minden and James (who are also the cutest engaged couple of ever, and will someday soon be the cutest married couple of ever) having an extra ticket to the Mumford and Sons concert at the Saltair two weeks ago. It was kind of pretty much so incredibly magic.

Picture vomit time. Excuse the sad, blurry point-and-shoot pictures.

Slow Club and Nathaniel Rateliff, the two opening acts. They were amazing!

The cutest engaged couple of ever (you might recognize Minden from this)

Maggi (Minden's cousin) and I. These were our "We don't have dates" faces. That was before we decided to be each others' dates. It shall go down in history as one of the most successful blind dates in history, because this girl is slowly becoming friend of the best variety.

The venue exceeding perfection. It was gorgeous. 

And finally Mumford!

They did not disappoint. The entire concert was phenomenal. Seriously, if you ever have a chance to see Mumford live? Don't even think twice. I almost didn't go, and I am fairly sure my life would be about 20% less cool had I not. 
Also, bucket list item crossed off. Yessss.

Now listen to this song.

Now go do yourself a favor and pre-order their new CD. kthxbye

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