silver linings of working all of Labor Day weekend

I get a haircut.
I get free food.
I get to sort of see my family sometimes, when I'm not working.
I get to see my dog.
I don't have to pack extra clothes - Just work clothes and PJs.
I get to watch Netflix with my sisters.
I don't have to do homework (really I just won't have time).
I get to see some of my cool coworkers.
I get to see cute little kids.
I get to work Sky Coaster with two of my favorite coworkers.
I don't have to look great at work - No one cares! Actually I guess that goes for school to but I care here.
I can write letters to missionaries.
I get my most recent paycheck!
I will (hopefully) have time to write some posts!
I get to come back up to Logan when it's all done, and I don't have to work next weekend. :)


  1. Ok, time out. That letter to mr.cowboy on that last post just made my day. I seriously would write the same exact letter to a certain boy right now...ha. That darn BYU-I.

    1. Haha agreed! I'm glad you feel my pain! This kid was actually going to Utah State, where I go, in the first place, but transferred because he got a better scholarship. Curse all the things that cost money everywhere!


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