Elise's Pieces Giveaway!

The lovely Elise over at Elise's Pieces is doing a Mikarose giveaway! If you don't know what Mikarose is, go check out their website, seriously. Gorgeous modest clothes. I'm especially a fan of their dresses! 
Anyway, you can find that here, or you can click on Elise's cute button on my sidebar!

Also, expect a good long Schni-related post sometime in the near future. I went to Yellowstone and Glacier National Parks with my family this last week and Schni had some good adventures... :)


  1. Soooo, why have I not followed your blog before this moment?! I'm lame. It's fine. :) :) You are too cute & since you go to Utah State, I feel like we need to meet in person. :) Deal?

    1. Haha well I didn't really start advertising it or actually talking to people on other blogs until just recently so that probably has something to do with it. :) Absolutely a deal! I love new friends! It's been fun to find USU bloggers. I feel like before I could really only find BYU and BYU-I bloggers, and they're great, but they're not within close proximity! Haha.

    2. Um, how did I miss the USU memo? Slash, maybe I didn't miss that memo. I feel like I knew all along. We're going to go with that one. Either way, it's important that I've been reminded of this fact because, HELLO! Let's play.

    3. Yes, let's! :) This is going to be grand.


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