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Well, my dilemma of what to do with my blogs is now resolved. My mission blog, enlisted, is going to become a "Returned Missionary recovery" blog. Laugh all you want, there's a lot to recover from when you get home! Actually it's more like... There's a lot to adapt to. You have to figure out how to use your mission-acquired knowledge in regular, day-to-day life. And use time wisely! Such things. It's a real struggle sometimes.

Anyhow, I have all these ideas whizzing around in my head and I'm really excited to get my dear friend Chelsea Elting involved in all of it. It's going to be great!


hi, old friend

Well, with all the commotion of being home and figuring out how to live the RM (returned missionary) life... It took me a while to make it back here.

I've posted a couple of things over here, but the honest-to-goodness truth is that I don't really know what to post on what blog. I should probably just combine the two but it's hard. 

I guess it's hard for the same reason that being home is hard - life before the mission and life during the mission are two completely different things... But I love them both. And I don't know how to combine them without... Hurting their feelings. Haha. Obviously there are no real feelings to be hurt. But I guess it's almost like I'm afraid of offending my pre-mission self and my mission self. I want to be true to both of them. BUT I'M DIFFERENT! I can't be either of those people anymore.

So... There's the dilemma, then. Do I combine the two? Or do I keep two blogs and talk about all the different aspects of my life in different places?



Well, here is my last post on Tales of Garden Gnomes for 18 months!
I don't have much to say other than you can still follow me on my mission blog here, and that I will come back to this blog. Promise. :) This is not the last post of forever!

Now... I was featured today over here, thanks to the lovely Sister Dain Broadbent! She's super sweet, and her design? Yes. Love it. So much. I need some classes or something...

K! Y'all are wonderful. Keep in touch, k? My address for the MTC (next six weeks) -

Sister Kira Lynn Anjewierden

MTC Mailbox #269
2005 N 900 E
Provo, UT 84604-1793
United States



addresses and things

HERE are all the ways to contact/keep up with me for the next 18 months! 
I cannot believe that I leave so soon...
Wednesday, folks! :)


four-eyes stylized

 When Firmoo.com contacted me a few weeks ago asking if I'd like to review a pair of their glasses, I may have gotten super excited. I'd heard good things about them via other bloggers. Plus, I needed a pair of glasses for my mission! What fancy timing!

Anyway, I chose my pair and submitted the order. I figured it might take a while for them to process and ship my glasses - I was actually a little worried they wouldn't come until after I left! Not to worry though, regardless of shipping from China, my order was processed, shipped, and delivered within ten days! I was super impressed.

Holy cow, guys, I love these glasses. They were delivered last Thursday and I've scarcely taken them off since I opened the package. I love RayBan Wayfarers, but I certainly cannot afford them - these frames are such a fantastic alternative! You can find them here.

Firmoo would like everyone to know that glasses are not only for people with vision problems anymore! Glasses are becoming a big fashion trend, and are a must-have accessory - they can instantly upgrade your style. That said, Firmoo offers both prescription (like mine) and non-prescription lenses, as well as the latest trends in frames (like my Wayfarer-style frames here), for glasses, sunglasses, and goggles.

Want to change up your style a little bit, or need/want a new pair of glasses like I did? Firmoo will make it easy for you! They have launched their First-Pair-Free program to people worldwide, which is exactly what it sounds like - you pay nothing except shipping! With their wide selection of high quality frames, numerous options for lenses, and fashionable designs, as well as their impeccable service and fast delivery, I am quite certain you will not be disappointed. It's totally risk-free - give it a try, hm? They've made a believer out of me... That's for sure! I know where to go for replacement glasses in the future!

Check them out here!

Shirt - Ross ($6), Skinnies - Ross ($15), Blazer - DI ($5), Shoes - RiteAid ($13) 
Watch - Target ($13), Glasses -  c/o Firmoo.com
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