So I finished and fixed my layout, as is plain to see. It only took me about 50 tries. I'd say it's pretty worth it though. I'm very pleased with the final product, and now my background is much more interesting than the drab black it was before.
May I just say: Huzzah!

From the pages of Kira's notebook...

Hide and Seek (Thunder's motive)
                                 holding breath
                                                                           (Don't want to give myself away)
        I step closer
            closer to the place I saw
                       I cannot see him, though...
                                Not anymore.
          I stop
              crouch, scan
            wait, watch
                                                             and I wonder...
      A sudden flash of light
                  Day floods the black scene
                                      ... but all too soon
                                  he is gone once more
    and all is dark.
                                                                                  I roar...
                                                  ... frustration.

I can never win.


Hannah, this is for you.

Hey Hannah, I'm actually posting. :) This is my little tribute to my probably one and only reader:
Holyyyyyyyyyyy.... Manicotti.
Just ahcuz (wait, how do you spell it? Haha :) ).
I'll post more I promise, just give me until the end of this week and I should be much better about it!
Live long and prosper.
Rosie out.
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