there's a new philosopher up in here

Soo... Calvin and Hobbes. Best comic strip. Right?
The only downside is that there are only 4 of them...

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winter songs

Christmas is my favorite holiday.
There's just this spirit of peace and good will toward men, and hope, and cheer, and gladness.
It makes me super happy.

It really feels like there's magic in the air.
The smell of pine... And gingerbread... And all things delicious...
The sound of bells... And carols... And happy people...
Sweaters (especially over-sized and/or ugly), the perfection that is snow, curling up next to the fire, drinking hot cocoa, and, especially, remembering Christ, the real reason for the holiday, and being so grateful for Him.

That said, one of my favorite things about Christmas is the music.
There are the great old classics...
And the great newer classics...
And the sort of okay covers...
And the really awful classics and covers...
Anyway, regardless of how much I love Christmas music, I got a little fed up with the overabundance of bad covers and weirdo classics last year.
Radio stations seem to love them despite their severe awful-ness.
Soooo... I set out to find some new Christmas music!
Here are some of my favorites. As it is not all Christmas music, technically, I give you...

Kira's not-super-traditional Wintersong Playlist of '12

A strange, wintry original: Horchata by Vampire Weekend
I'd look psychotic in a balaclava.

  A funny, very different original: Don't Shoot Me Santa by The Killers
Also, the video.

A great cover of an old classic: Frosty the Snowman by Fiona Apple
Her voice. Really.

Also Zee Avi, who switched things up and changed it to a minor key! You can hear that here.

  Two covers of an oldie, but goodie: What Are You Doing New Year's Eve?
Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Leavitt (who should just get married already) and The Head and The Heart both did such wonderful covers of this song that I just had to put them both on here. So much love.

The only "seasonal" song I regularly listen to year round: Christmas Lights by Coldplay
Actually, one of my overall favorite songs. Because it is the most beautiful. Ever. That piano. Agh.

A good cover of my least favorite Christmas song: Wonderful Christmastime by The Shins
Read, "one of two versions I will voluntarily listen to." That does not include the original (sorry Paul), which I absolutely cannot stand. At all. Ever.

The other version I'll listen to, by Tom McCrae, is here... It's not as happy-sounding.

An original with fantastic imagery: That Was The Worst Christmas Ever by Sufjan Stevens
Not the happiest Christmas song, but it's so beautiful. And really... You can see the story play out in your head. Also, I just found this video, and it's really neat! And sad.

An original about the reason for the season: The Earth Stood Still by Future of Forestry
Not many contemporary, non-hymn Christmas songs are actually about the birth of Christ. I love this one - simple, but a good reminder. Plus it's pretty. :)

A lovely cover of my favorite: O Come O Come Emmanuel by Punch Brothers
Because their voices... And the bluegrass... And the song...

A year-round favorite that is also winter-themed: White Winter Hymnal by Fleet Foxes
It's just so bouncy and fun. Also, Fleet Foxes. Yeah.

A gorgeous, if sad, collaboration: Winter Song by Sara Bareilles and Ingrid Michaelson
The lyrics make me sad. But the vocals and the instrumentation... So beautiful.

Because it was too sad, I had already used the song, I had already used the artist, or I just didn't feel like it quite fit the list.

All I Want for Christmas is New Year's Day by Hurts
Auld Lang Syne by Andrew Bird
Christmas Wish by She & Him
O Come O Come Emmanuel by Sufjan Stevens
Taking Down the Tree by Low
The Heartache Can Wait by Brandi Carlisle

Really, the Starbucks-sponsored album "Christmas Rules" (also titled Holidays Rule; the only thing that changes is the album cover), which I shared some of, should be on your listening list in its entirety.
Also, Sufjan Stevens Holiday radio on Pandora is pretty fantastic.

And there you are, folks. Enjoy!


dear boys 10

Dear Owl City,
I'm glad we're friends.
Even if I don't love your music.
You're great.
All true,

Dear Drama,
You encourage things to be difficult.
All I wanted was to be your friend.
With drama,

Dear Two,
...and now it's college.
I think things are working out.
Insert smiley face.
With like,

Dear Bowling,
The anxiety I get when you talk to me is absolutely irrational.
It makes my dating complex come to the surface...
Thank you for asking about my mission call.
I'll try to stop being afraid of you...
Really, so sorry,

Dear Cameroon,
I had a ton of fun!
There should be a next time. :)

Dear Wye Oak Pandora Station,
You make Spotify less of a necessity.
I less than three you.




Lately I have been utterly pensive.
I've been reading a lot, which tends to do that to me. Or amplify it, at least.
Regardless of why all this deep thinking has occurred, there has been a lot that's been negative.
Some self-doubt, some self-criticism, some reading into things, some... Just negative.
So I am here to focus on the positive.
Plus, with it being Thanksgiving and all, this is kind of obligatory, right? :)

I am grateful for..

A loving family, and the opportunity to be with them forever.

The greatest friends, and all the support they provide me with. 
(I wish I could show pictures of all of you!)

My roommates, who are fantastic, and not crazy (most of the time ;) ).
There are no pictures of all of us and it's a sin. :(

My knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and my membership in the LDS church.

Already being in my program, music therapy. It's a relief and I'm so glad I made it! Also, music in general. And my guitar. And musical friends. Yeah.

Utah State University, the right place for me :)

My mission call! I am so excited to serve the Dutch and Belgian people!

Cool people who create awesome things for others to enjoy. Like super great music, television, books, art... So many things!

Anyway, there are certainly more things, but these are the ones that are at the forefront of my mind right now! Life is good. Great, even. :)


dearest menfolk nine

Dear Falcon,
You are a fantastic friend.
Thank you for your support.
Also, awwww.

Dear Two,
So, keeping with the school theme that I unwittingly gave your previous letters...
This is more like high school... The good parts of high school. :)

Dear Tan,
That awkward moment when I was going to hug you but then I just stood there.
Yup, that was weird. But hey, good to see ya!

Dear Drama,
I guess maybe it's better this way.
I'll leave you alone forever now.
Have a nice life,

Dear all of my missionary friends,
You guys are incredible examples. I'm so glad for you, because I know you're learning and growing and it's awesome and I miss you but you're doing amazing things and becoming even more amazing than you already were. Wow. That's awesome.

Dear Justin Vernon,
I would like to marry your voice. Sound good?
Also, your guitar skills.
With your music in the background, it will be a good winter.
I have a sister named Emma...


i belong to...

...de kerk van Jezus Christus van de Heiligen der Laatste Dagen.

It's a mouthful, right?


lieve jongens acht (DB-8)

I figured it was appropriate to use Dutch for my title this week! Now ask me if I can pronounce that title... Ha. Aaaanyway. Yeah.

You are so nice!
Thank you for sitting by me and asking me about my life and things.
I enjoyed it thoroughly. :)

Dear Two,
Wow. This is hard.
It's like middle school again.
But... It'll probably continue.
And that's okay.

Dear Jack,
I find myself strangely attracted to you.
You dress really well. And you're hilarious.
Keep it up.

Dear Mix,
Dude. Your music taste?
We're like the same. But I'm a woman.
And taller... Older... Yeah. Other stuff.

Dear Disappointed,
I'm sorry.


Dear Sister Anjewierden:

You are hereby called to serve as a missionary of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

You are assigned to labor in the 
Belgium/Netherlands Mission...

You should report to the Provo Missionary Training Center on 
Wednesday, March 20, 2013.

You will prepare to preach the gospel in the 
Dutch language.

After I opened my call, the next few hours were spent just like this... I don't like phones anymore! Haha.

I am so excited! Not only is it just a neat mission, but my dad's side of the family is from the Netherlands, and my grandparents are already serving in the exact same mission.
I have always wanted to go, but figured that chances weren't high.... Guess I just need to remember that it's not a situation of chance!

Anyway, more on that to come!


dear boys seven

I have some really exciting news, but it gets a whole post to itself. So. That will come later.
Here's this in the meantime. A day late, but I promise there was a good reason.

Dear Mish,
I've given up on your letter.
Maybe I'll write you again anyway.
A little dejectedly,

Dear Ice Cream,
In a perfect world, your Facebook would have told me that you have a girlfriend.

Dear Two,
So... Maybe we wouldn't be that awkward.
Okay we'd totally be awkward. But it'd be worth it.
And we wouldn't be cheesy. That's good.
With like,

Dear Highland,
You will be a wonderful missionary. :)
Do me proud, kiddo.

Dear Annie,
I broke it. But you asked.
Doesn't count, right?


dear boys six and Halloween

I know, it's not Wednesday. But yesterday was Halloween and I was doing fun things and studying for a test (less fun). Anyway, here we go, one day late.

Dear ...,
That was actually all right.

Dear Mish,

Dear Ice Cream,
Yeaaaah buddy, I got to come semi-stalk you despite my test.
I like talking to you. You're fun. :)

Dear Curly,
I give up.

Dear Two,
Yup. But in that awkward elementary school way.
We could be cute. And awkward.

Dear Jonathan,
This is the only Dear Boys that you will ever see appear on a not Wednesday. That's a promise. :)

Dear Mother,
I heart you.

And here are some pictures of Halloween!

...+studying for ab psych and watching some Twilight Zone. It was a pretty good night!

Hope all y'all had a very happy Halloween too! :)


stuff is hard

So yesterday was super hard, and may or may not have involved crying on the phone to my mother.
I don't want to go in to a lot of detail, but basically, even though I'm super psyched to serve a mission, it's still a huge decision and second-guessing will occur. And did. And will continue to, I'm   sure. Anyway, all is well for now.
I just have to keep reminding myself of this -


dearest boys 5

Some names have been changed due to drama. I will be more vague from now on. And nicer, as previously discussed. :)

Dear ...,
I apologize. You seem really nice. And shy, so props.
Guess we'll see how this date goes.
Next week

Dear Mish,
Getting a letter from you would make my week.

Dear Ice Cream,
I may or may not have figured out when you're working and decided to happen to be there at the same time... 
The only reason I won't be there is that I have a huge test to study for.
A creep

Dear Curly,
I feel like you're taunting me. 
It's not very nice.

Dear Panama,
You're fun. And I'm not afraid of you.
Good combination!
Thanks for asking!

Dear Two,
It never crossed my mind that I might like you.
Until this week, that is.
Well... I think I might.
With uncertainty,

Dear Wub,
I apologize for my 'tude.
Thanks for your apologies too.


I'm know a little late to the "I posted something about general conference" party in the blogging world, but I have so much to say that I just didn't know where to begin, you know what I mean?
I guess I did mention it in my last post, but here's a little more on the subject.
Basically, this happened.

(if you would like to know what an LDS mission is, click here)
Well, at the time, my nineteenth birthday was in a little under a month.
I had wanted to serve a mission ever since I was a little girl.
Now, all of a sudden, it was upon me.

Well, after careful consideration, much deliberation, and probably even some perspiration (haha), along with daily phone calls to my parents, a plethora of prayers, and scripture study, I decided to meet with my bishop.

We talked the Tuesday after conference and he told me to diligently search for an answer that this was what I should do at this point in time, and to come back the following Sunday.
I fasted, prayed and read my scriptures more in-depth than I think I really ever have before. I met with advisors to discuss what classes I'd take when I got back, figured out how to get out of my housing contract for next semester, get my scholarship deferred, and file a leave of absence (everything works out marvelously).

On the 14th of this month, my bishop opened my papers.
Over the next few days I finished forms, uploaded relevant documents, went to doctor and dental appointments that my wonderful mother set up for me, and got everything as finished as I could.
Tonight, I met with my bishop again, had my friend Lexie take my picture with her awesome camera and skills, edited said picture, checked everything over, aaaand...
I'm done. It's out of my hands.
My bishop will send it to the stake presidency.
Hopefully I'll get a call in the next few days to set up a time for an interview with a member of the stake presidency.
After the interview, my stake president will send my forms on to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake, where the Quorum of the Twelve will review them and decide where I'm going.
I could have a call in just a few weeks.

I'm going on a mission. This is happening.

I shall keep y'all updated.


a few things

Mmkay this is going to be quick, but there are just a few things I would like to share -

1 - There was no Dear Boys this week for a reason. That reason is that I read over my previous ones and so many of them (especially last week's) were absolutely cocky and ridiculous and rude. For that I apologize. I am changing my anonymous ways. From now on I'll be nice.

2 - If you're my friend on Facebook, or my friend in real life, you know that due to a very large announcement made in general conference, combined with feelings and desires and promptings I have had my entire life, I am filling out paperwork to serve a full-time LDS mission (if you are hopelessly confused, learn more about them here)! I am beyond excited, which is illustrated nicely by the fact that I started my papers Sunday night and have now completed them except for a picture of me and a picture of the back of my Driver's License. I went to the doctor and dentist yesterday and all is well! Anyway, I shall write more on that another day, and will keep y'all posted on the when and where and such. :)

3 - Two more days of Lagoon! Two more weeks until my birthday! Three midterms next week! No Halloween costume as of yet, but working on it.

Ummm I think that's it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand BREAK!



So.... Usually I don't post stuff about products or services or things.
Spotify is my favorite thing.
So much music to listen to for free! I use it almost every day. And it's awesome. :)
It's easy to find new music on too!
And you can make playlists... Yeah.
Just check it out already. :)
Gooooo here!


querido hijos quatro

I had an incredibly weird day today. So. Here we go.

Dear ...,
You asked me on a date.
I asked you your name, because we'd NEVER TALKED BEFORE.
Then you asked me mine. Wait. What?
Then you asked for my number...
And my picture?
Can it be a double?

Dear Stolen,
Facebook is not real life, honey.
But still,
Feeling stalked.

Dear Fisher,
How many times did you check this page today, only to see that there was no post yet?
How many of today's views are you?
Yeah, that's what I thought. ;)

Dear Perfect,
So... You left today.
And I'll still probably be back before you.
Maybe we can get married when you get back, because we'll both be RMs?
I think that's a good enough reason.
Only half joking.

Dear CPA,
I didn't have to stay and talk.
But I did.
Please make it three?


bucket tunes

Some more bucket list items!

76. Be a counselor at a church camp - Brighton, Oakcrest, and/or EFY
77. Stay at a job for longer than 7 months (Not including babysitting or ushering)
78. Sing a solo in a choir concert
79. Be in USU Chamber Singers and/or Latter-Day Voices
80. Go on an LDS mission


Musics from some of my favorite bands.

That is all.


dear boys the third

Dear Teddy Bear,
Two people in the way.
Next time.

Dear BLT,
Go for that ish

Dear Super,
It's cute how you lose composure around me.
No, really. :)

Dear Perfect,
You'll be an incredible missionary.
I'll write you way more than quarterly.
Marry me in 2?
Unless you were going to say yes

Dear Wye Oak,
I need a new album.

Dear Mother,
Comic Sans?
Of all things sacred and holy.
There are so many good fonts.
Love you anyway,

Dear Jonathan,
Look, you're in this one.
You asked for it,


dear colts dos (amended)

Yeah, Dear Colts. Because that's how my "Ponify"-'d internet makes every other "Dear Boys" post look, and hey, why not? 
Sometimes I really think I should be more concerned about the things that I do that are generally socially unacceptable. But then I decide to embrace them because they're hilarious. 
Seriously, it changes America to Amareica. And guys/men to stallions. And women to mares and girls to fillies, etc., so there are phrases like "I love you stallions" all over my interwebs, which are especially hilarious when I forget I even have Ponify :)
Anyway, to the point!

Dear Curly,
Well. That was unexpected...

Dear Teddy Bear,
Ahhhhh I know my roommate is hot but can't I just flirt with you for five seconds first?

Dear BLT,
I don't understand you.
But I kinda wanna hold your hand.

Dear Money,
I miss you. A lot.
Like... More than I thought I would.

Dear Guitar,
I have dreams about you all the time.
It's weird, but the weirdest thing about it is how not-weird it feels.
6 years

Dear Fresh,
How you doin'?
I mean...

Dear Frodo,
You're super great.
You chew gum weirder than anyone I've ever known.
Thanks for being my friend, because you're amazing at it.
You have great taste in music, but you know that.
I really just wanted to know if you read these. ;)
Now go check out Elise's blog!

This one just happened. So.

Dear CPA,
That smile.
I could do with a date right about now. ;)


mlp - the mane six

Remember how I'm "fixated" on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic (Which shall henceforth be known as MLP or FiM)?
Well today, you get to learn more about this marvelous show, because I'm on a kick. I figure I'll explain it a bit at a time, because then maybe you'll understand that I'm not crazy and/or a creeper who watches little girl shows, but actually a young adult with exceptional taste in television. ;)

Look at this stuff, then go watch the show. I'm dead serious over here.

Today I'm going to educate you on what most bronies and pegasisters refer to as the "Mane Six" (haha... ha. hahahaha). They are awesome. Now learn.

Twilight Sparkle - Twilight could probably technically be considered the "mane" (muahaha) character. She moves to Ponyville in the first episode and that is where everything begins! Twilight is an intellectual. She lives in a library and knows something about most everything. If she doesn't know about something, she looks through her piles and piles of books to find out about it. She is a Unicorn and uses her horn to create super powerful magic. Oh, and she's awesome. Her only huge flaw is being too organized. She can't handle chaos. It makes her crazy.

Applejack - Applejack is a proud member of the Apple family. She does a lot for the family business, which is, eeeyup, an apple farm. Orchard. Whatever. Anyway, she's super strong and super trustworthy, and helps everyone in every way she can, because she's good at pretty much everything. She is a little headstrong, fairly competitive, and sometimes cares a little bit too much about her reputation, but she would do anything for her friends, which is so honorable that it pretty much makes the other things okay.

Fluttershy - Fluttershy is like the shyest person you know, but shyer. Like... Painfully shy. She is afraid of hurting anyone's feeling and could sometimes essentially be considered Equestria's biggest doormat. She is the kindest, sweetest pony of the bunch, and would do anything to make her friends happy. Though a Pegasus, she's not a big fan of flying, and, as a result, lives down in Ponyville with the Earth Ponies and Unicorns. She loves animals, and they love her right back - she's kind of like Snow White... But a pony... 
Pinkie Pie - Pinkie likes to celebrate everything. "It's your quarter birthday, so I baked you a cake and there's a party at my house in celebration of you tonight! Hope you can make it!" She's like that (she doesn't actually ever say that, specifically. But you get the picture). As a good friend of mine once said, Pinkie just wants everyone to have fun. She loves to pull pranks and tell jokes - anything to make others laugh. She can get a little over-the-top sometimes and take things too far, which sometimes makes her friends uncomfortable, but mostly she's just hilarious.
Rainbow Dash - RD is the tomboy of the group. She's super athletic, and, though she is probably a bit too vocal/definitely cocky about it, very talented. She loves flying and is crazy fast. Since she's so ridiculously competitive, she and Applejack sometimes butt heads. They're a lot alike in their pride, as well. Rainbow worries an awful lot about her reputation - even if she feels like someone is threatening or challenging her records or talents, she will do whatever is in her power to eliminate that threat. Despite her bull-headedness, she is incredibly loyal, and proves it constantly.
Rarity - Last but not least, Rarity is the girly-girl, and a wannabe socialite. Though she was born in Ponyville, she believes that she was meant for something more. She owns a clothing shop and dreams of becoming a big-time fashion designer and living in Canterlot, where all of Equestria's royalty and high society ponies live. She's kind of a snob sometimes, and she loves attention, which sometimes becomes a problem because she is easily made jealous, but when it comes to her friends, she is generous, kind, and selfless (well, more selfless than usual ;)).

Aaaand now you know a bit about the mane six. Stay tuned, you'll be hearing more about these guys. ;) In the meantime... Go watch the show.


So, as you may have realized, I finally finished and put up my new layout! I still feel like it's missing a few things, so I may change things as I decide I want to, but this is it, for the most part. :)
It was super fun to design! I reaaaally want to take a graphic design class (or a few!) so that I can really understand it and become better. Also, I want a drawing tablet. Haha. Man.
Anyway, I'm working on like 7 other posts but I figured I'd post something quick so that it didn't seem like I abandoned this here blog! More to come later, I promise!



Sometimes I am guilty of following the crowd.
Sometimes it's a bad thing.
Like when I decided to watch my roommates and neighbors play Slender.
If you haven't experienced Slender...
Well, it's kind of fun to be scared, but I get Slender Man thoughts that keep me from sleeping at night.
Soo.... Maybe I don't recommend it, but nonetheless, the Wiki is here.
Anyway, I do recommend this. Especially if you've experienced Slender.


this happened

Sometimes things happen that you never even imagined would happen in your wildest dreams. 
It's kind of like... Someone giving you a whole pie just because. But better. Because the most recent one of these for me was my LOVELY friends Minden and James (who are also the cutest engaged couple of ever, and will someday soon be the cutest married couple of ever) having an extra ticket to the Mumford and Sons concert at the Saltair two weeks ago. It was kind of pretty much so incredibly magic.

Picture vomit time. Excuse the sad, blurry point-and-shoot pictures.

Slow Club and Nathaniel Rateliff, the two opening acts. They were amazing!

The cutest engaged couple of ever (you might recognize Minden from this)

Maggi (Minden's cousin) and I. These were our "We don't have dates" faces. That was before we decided to be each others' dates. It shall go down in history as one of the most successful blind dates in history, because this girl is slowly becoming friend of the best variety.

The venue exceeding perfection. It was gorgeous. 

And finally Mumford!

They did not disappoint. The entire concert was phenomenal. Seriously, if you ever have a chance to see Mumford live? Don't even think twice. I almost didn't go, and I am fairly sure my life would be about 20% less cool had I not. 
Also, bucket list item crossed off. Yessss.

Now listen to this song.

Now go do yourself a favor and pre-order their new CD. kthxbye
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