stuff is hard

So yesterday was super hard, and may or may not have involved crying on the phone to my mother.
I don't want to go in to a lot of detail, but basically, even though I'm super psyched to serve a mission, it's still a huge decision and second-guessing will occur. And did. And will continue to, I'm   sure. Anyway, all is well for now.
I just have to keep reminding myself of this -


dearest boys 5

Some names have been changed due to drama. I will be more vague from now on. And nicer, as previously discussed. :)

Dear ...,
I apologize. You seem really nice. And shy, so props.
Guess we'll see how this date goes.
Next week

Dear Mish,
Getting a letter from you would make my week.

Dear Ice Cream,
I may or may not have figured out when you're working and decided to happen to be there at the same time... 
The only reason I won't be there is that I have a huge test to study for.
A creep

Dear Curly,
I feel like you're taunting me. 
It's not very nice.

Dear Panama,
You're fun. And I'm not afraid of you.
Good combination!
Thanks for asking!

Dear Two,
It never crossed my mind that I might like you.
Until this week, that is.
Well... I think I might.
With uncertainty,

Dear Wub,
I apologize for my 'tude.
Thanks for your apologies too.


I'm know a little late to the "I posted something about general conference" party in the blogging world, but I have so much to say that I just didn't know where to begin, you know what I mean?
I guess I did mention it in my last post, but here's a little more on the subject.
Basically, this happened.

(if you would like to know what an LDS mission is, click here)
Well, at the time, my nineteenth birthday was in a little under a month.
I had wanted to serve a mission ever since I was a little girl.
Now, all of a sudden, it was upon me.

Well, after careful consideration, much deliberation, and probably even some perspiration (haha), along with daily phone calls to my parents, a plethora of prayers, and scripture study, I decided to meet with my bishop.

We talked the Tuesday after conference and he told me to diligently search for an answer that this was what I should do at this point in time, and to come back the following Sunday.
I fasted, prayed and read my scriptures more in-depth than I think I really ever have before. I met with advisors to discuss what classes I'd take when I got back, figured out how to get out of my housing contract for next semester, get my scholarship deferred, and file a leave of absence (everything works out marvelously).

On the 14th of this month, my bishop opened my papers.
Over the next few days I finished forms, uploaded relevant documents, went to doctor and dental appointments that my wonderful mother set up for me, and got everything as finished as I could.
Tonight, I met with my bishop again, had my friend Lexie take my picture with her awesome camera and skills, edited said picture, checked everything over, aaaand...
I'm done. It's out of my hands.
My bishop will send it to the stake presidency.
Hopefully I'll get a call in the next few days to set up a time for an interview with a member of the stake presidency.
After the interview, my stake president will send my forms on to Church Headquarters in Salt Lake, where the Quorum of the Twelve will review them and decide where I'm going.
I could have a call in just a few weeks.

I'm going on a mission. This is happening.

I shall keep y'all updated.


a few things

Mmkay this is going to be quick, but there are just a few things I would like to share -

1 - There was no Dear Boys this week for a reason. That reason is that I read over my previous ones and so many of them (especially last week's) were absolutely cocky and ridiculous and rude. For that I apologize. I am changing my anonymous ways. From now on I'll be nice.

2 - If you're my friend on Facebook, or my friend in real life, you know that due to a very large announcement made in general conference, combined with feelings and desires and promptings I have had my entire life, I am filling out paperwork to serve a full-time LDS mission (if you are hopelessly confused, learn more about them here)! I am beyond excited, which is illustrated nicely by the fact that I started my papers Sunday night and have now completed them except for a picture of me and a picture of the back of my Driver's License. I went to the doctor and dentist yesterday and all is well! Anyway, I shall write more on that another day, and will keep y'all posted on the when and where and such. :)

3 - Two more days of Lagoon! Two more weeks until my birthday! Three midterms next week! No Halloween costume as of yet, but working on it.

Ummm I think that's it.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand BREAK!



So.... Usually I don't post stuff about products or services or things.
Spotify is my favorite thing.
So much music to listen to for free! I use it almost every day. And it's awesome. :)
It's easy to find new music on too!
And you can make playlists... Yeah.
Just check it out already. :)
Gooooo here!


querido hijos quatro

I had an incredibly weird day today. So. Here we go.

Dear ...,
You asked me on a date.
I asked you your name, because we'd NEVER TALKED BEFORE.
Then you asked me mine. Wait. What?
Then you asked for my number...
And my picture?
Can it be a double?

Dear Stolen,
Facebook is not real life, honey.
But still,
Feeling stalked.

Dear Fisher,
How many times did you check this page today, only to see that there was no post yet?
How many of today's views are you?
Yeah, that's what I thought. ;)

Dear Perfect,
So... You left today.
And I'll still probably be back before you.
Maybe we can get married when you get back, because we'll both be RMs?
I think that's a good enough reason.
Only half joking.

Dear CPA,
I didn't have to stay and talk.
But I did.
Please make it three?


bucket tunes

Some more bucket list items!

76. Be a counselor at a church camp - Brighton, Oakcrest, and/or EFY
77. Stay at a job for longer than 7 months (Not including babysitting or ushering)
78. Sing a solo in a choir concert
79. Be in USU Chamber Singers and/or Latter-Day Voices
80. Go on an LDS mission


Musics from some of my favorite bands.

That is all.


dear boys the third

Dear Teddy Bear,
Two people in the way.
Next time.

Dear BLT,
Go for that ish

Dear Super,
It's cute how you lose composure around me.
No, really. :)

Dear Perfect,
You'll be an incredible missionary.
I'll write you way more than quarterly.
Marry me in 2?
Unless you were going to say yes

Dear Wye Oak,
I need a new album.

Dear Mother,
Comic Sans?
Of all things sacred and holy.
There are so many good fonts.
Love you anyway,

Dear Jonathan,
Look, you're in this one.
You asked for it,

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