querido hijos quatro

I had an incredibly weird day today. So. Here we go.

Dear ...,
You asked me on a date.
I asked you your name, because we'd NEVER TALKED BEFORE.
Then you asked me mine. Wait. What?
Then you asked for my number...
And my picture?
Can it be a double?

Dear Stolen,
Facebook is not real life, honey.
But still,
Feeling stalked.

Dear Fisher,
How many times did you check this page today, only to see that there was no post yet?
How many of today's views are you?
Yeah, that's what I thought. ;)

Dear Perfect,
So... You left today.
And I'll still probably be back before you.
Maybe we can get married when you get back, because we'll both be RMs?
I think that's a good enough reason.
Only half joking.

Dear CPA,
I didn't have to stay and talk.
But I did.
Please make it three?

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