bucket tunes

Some more bucket list items!

76. Be a counselor at a church camp - Brighton, Oakcrest, and/or EFY
77. Stay at a job for longer than 7 months (Not including babysitting or ushering)
78. Sing a solo in a choir concert
79. Be in USU Chamber Singers and/or Latter-Day Voices
80. Go on an LDS mission


Musics from some of my favorite bands.

That is all.


  1. Just as a note, I worked at the greatest summer camp ever for 5 summers. It isn't a church camp, but it's still a wonderful experience with amazing people. Applications are due in February if you're interested.
    Also, I did the Snow College version of Latter Day Voices (Latter Day Singers) while I was down there, and it was pretty much the best experience of my life. And LDVs is stellar.

    I think what I'm really trying to say is, your bucket list is bomb. And also we're twinners.

    1. After my mission I will be applying at all the lovely summer camps that I can!
      Hey thanks, I like my bucket list! And you're great, so I am honored to be your twinner. :)

  2. Kira is pretty! 8-D

  3. 1. Mumford and Sons is so awesome.

    2. Going on a mission (at age 19!!) would be so incredibly awesome.

    3. I just found your blog, and it's - you guessed it - awesome :) I'm so excited to read more. I'm your newest follower!



    1. 1. I like you already.

      2. Agreed, ma'am! :) It's happening!

      3. Thanks a heap! I'm glad you enjoy it. I shall check yours out!


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