I'm alive!

I realize that it hasn't actually been very long since my last post, but it really feels like it has been. I mean... No marvelous Monday? Whaaaat?
Let me just take a second to explain. :)

On Monday I packed up most of the rest of my room and moved up to Logan to live with my mom's cousin, Keli Nield, and her family (husband Ryck and kids Tanner (19) and Hannah (12)). 
I have already decided that Tanner is pretty much destined to be my newest best friend, because we're suuuuper similar. :) He even likes psychology. Winner, right there. :) 
Anyway, the whole family is fantastic. They've been so hospitable, and have really just taken me in and treat me like they do each other. It's been so great. :) 
Sadly my netbook, that I've had for a measly 2 weeks, got cracked on the way up here, so I've been out a computer. I'm currently using the Nield's family computer. 
'Cos they're awesome and said that I could. :)

Tuesday I had a little bit of stress right before work, but I got it all sorted out and got to work right on time! :) I was pretty nervous about the job and everything. At first, that is. 
Once I got in there, my trainer, JD, set me at ease within just the first few minutes. 
He is great, as is every member of my training class! In fact, my class is so great that we're an entire day ahead in our training. Yeah. That's right. We're cool. ;)

You know what? It's only been 5 days, and I already have friends that I know I'll keep for a long time; maybe even for life! The people really are fantastic. 
I'm actually excited to learn more, and to take calls, and just to come to work in general. :) 
Get this- My team lead (on the call floor. Essentially... My supervisor/boss) wears sweater vests. 
He's legit. :) And his name is Tannin. Imma always spell it with a ' at the end, so it's Tannin'. :)

Anyway, that's my update for now. I'm heading home in the morning for church and then we're off to Powder Mountain until Monday sometime. I shall try to post an MM, but if I don't...
I'll write one up and post it later. Haha. :) 

Have I ever mentioned that if you're reading my blog, I love you? 
I have? Oh. Well... I'll just say it again then. :) 
You people are awesome.
So much love.


Goodbye, my almost Summer...

I'll have to post some pictures of my room later... It's super atrocious right now. Why, you ask?

I got the job!

I will be taking customer support calls from Comcast customers for 6 hours, 5 days a week.
It's a little bit much... But I will survive it! $9.25/hr, with paid training... Can't turn that down.

I am officially moving on Monday. It's incredibly terrifying. I'm nowhere near ready, as my room will tell you... But I'm not ready emotionally or mentally yet either.
My brain still thinks that I have a bunch of summer left. Maybe it'll finally hit next week, after I've already lived there for a few days...

Anyhow, there are about 7 boxes chillin' in my room, half-full of a myriad of possessions... I didn't realize how much junk I had until last week. It's ridiculous.

Wanna know a secret?
I'm really going to miss being home.
Two weeks ago, I thought I had a month and a half to get ready to leave... I'm just not ready to pick up and go. I haven't had the time to prepare myself to leave my family, my house, my friends...

Farewell, half summer of 2011. You were awesome.

Psst... My title was inspired by this lovely song.


A thought for your Sunday...

A Rainbow

I saw a rainbow yesterday
All colors 'fore my eyes,
But I did not regard it with
A great deal of surprise.
Although I was excited and
I thought that it was grand,
Ne'er once did I give credit to
My Heavenly Father's hand.

So much we take for granted
Upon this gorgeous earth:
The majesty of mountains;
The moon and sand and turf.
He made the things we see
And all things that we can't,
He made the graceful antelope
And mighty elephant.

I want to show my gratitude;
To thank Him every day
For all that He has given me;
My debts that He has paid.
I know He'll always love me
And know just how I feel
Though Satan's lies assail my mind
His truth, I know, is real.

Next time I see a rainbow
Light up against the sky
I'll look at it with reverence
And praise my Lord on high.


I feel like someone used the Killing Curse on a part of my soul.

Well, my childhood officially ended at about 2:40am yesterday.

I got my first Harry Potter book for my 6th birthday: The Chamber of Secrets.
I'd say that my obsession began there, but alas, the padres wouldn't let me read them until I turned ten.
I saw the first movie before I turned ten, and knew then that I absolutely had to read them.
So when I turned ten, I visited my favorite place (the library), and checked out a copy of The Sorcerer's Stone.

It was love the first read through.
I finished the first five books of the series within a month. It'd have been faster if the library had understood that I needed to read them all right then.
Now, all the movie premieres and book releases seem like such a blur. I finished Deathly Hallows in a day, and cried like a baby because it was over. There was no more story to look forward to.
But, I reasoned, I'll still have the films.
At that point in time, I didn't realize that the end would come so quickly! Alas, it did, and I cried again.

Anyway, enough of the backstory, no matter how touching it might be. ;)
I went to the 12:25 showing at the Bountiful Cinemark because I was dumb and waited until the week of to order tickets. But it didn't really matter because I was seeing it anyway so everything was okay. :)
My good friends Josh Thornell and Nick Shrum came with my sisters and me. Nick dressed as a Slytherin student, Josh as a muggle (really he just didn't dress up. Lamey!), McKayla as Fleur Delacour, Cami as Bellatrix LeStrange, and I went for Luna Lovegood, the character I feel that I am most like.

I was very true to character all night: dropping things, forgetting things, saying weird things... Haha. :)
It was so much fun. :)
The movie itself was absolutely incredible. Possibly my favorite of the eight.
If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! I've even talked to people who don't like the series that liked it. 
It's that good! It made me cry, lovelies!
Anyhow, I think I've ranted enough about the magic (ha ha) that is Harry Potter.
All good things come to an end. It's sad, but it's all right. :)

Oh! I almost forgot! Here are the nails I worked on for two days:
 Left to right: Draco Malfoy, Slytherin house colors, Voldemort, Nagini the snake, Hufflepuff house colors

L to R: Ravenclaw house colors, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Gryffindor house colors, Ron Weasley

I'll be sad when they start to chip! They took ages, and I was really pleased with the end product! :)

All good things must come to an end, I suppose.
No matter how sad that might make me.
Adieu, my good friends one through seven.
Until I read you again. :)
Mischief managed.


Cotton&Curls Custom giveaway!

The lovely Lizzie over at Cotton&Curls is doing a giveaway! She is super talented with the whole sewing deal, and will make a lovely item of your choice if you win! You can find that here. :)
I also recommend following her if you are into fashion blogging like I am. She's incredible, and has given me some fantastic refashioning ideas, which will be super handy what with the whole "I'm a poor college student; I've got to make do with what I have" idea. :) She's great!

Marvelousss *Insert sheepish remark here* Monday!

Disclaimer: I actually did start this on a Monday. I just got sidetracked. 

Dearest Anyone-that-actually-reads-my-blog,
First of all, I love you. :) Because I love you, I'm making it a goal to post twice a week for the rest of the summer, instead of super slacking. Because you like my stuff enough to read it. And I love that. You win. Even those of you who are invisible and stalker-like because I can't see you on my followers (cough Dan and Alexa and maybe even more!). You're the best.
Next order of business -
Things I loved about today:
-Wearing my new Navy TOMS. All day. Like walking on a cloud. A really, really expensive cloud.
-Discovering new artists (as always), like these two, who also happen to be local! Bonus. :) The first is "The Onlyest Thing" by Kalai (I am ignoring the not-word because I am in love with the song), and the second is "Blue-eyed Universe" by Fictionist. Both Utah artists! And both with exceedingly attractive vocalists. ;)

-3 days until HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART TWOOOOO (I'm not at all excited. ;) )
-On a completely unrelated note... Harry Potter nails. :) I shall post them when I'm finished!
-The fact that I'm going to earn over $200 this week. I might actually be able to pay for college! Who knew?!
-The prospect of possibly getting a job in Logan this week that pays $9.25/hr starting. Not too shabby for a college student... Crossing fingers here. Interview on Wednesday
-Eating real food! I had some really nasty food this morning... And then I ate delicious real healthy food and it was better. :)
-Going on a sugar semi-fast, so I feel less crappy all the time. All I ever eat is junk. I'mma change that!
-Psych, the best TV show ever to grace the planet. 5 seasons on Netflix. Best. Ever.
-Having my sister tell me I look like Jules, the gorgeous detective on Psych.
-Netflix! We got it last week, and it's SO MAGICAL... :)
-Meeting/getting reacquainted with really awesome/psychotic people. They're hilarious. :)
-Nail polish. And cheap nail polish is even better than nail polish in general. Yes, Walmart. You did it right.
-Dad being safe in Madagascar
-Watching Disney/Pixar movies
-My cousins
-The fact that big huge flowy comfy shirts are the "thing" right now
-The lovely orange party favor bracelet that I wear on my ankle to make me look tan... It sorta works... Okay not really. But it's fancy!
-Sleeeeeeeeping.... :)

Night y'all!
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