A thought for your Sunday...

A Rainbow

I saw a rainbow yesterday
All colors 'fore my eyes,
But I did not regard it with
A great deal of surprise.
Although I was excited and
I thought that it was grand,
Ne'er once did I give credit to
My Heavenly Father's hand.

So much we take for granted
Upon this gorgeous earth:
The majesty of mountains;
The moon and sand and turf.
He made the things we see
And all things that we can't,
He made the graceful antelope
And mighty elephant.

I want to show my gratitude;
To thank Him every day
For all that He has given me;
My debts that He has paid.
I know He'll always love me
And know just how I feel
Though Satan's lies assail my mind
His truth, I know, is real.

Next time I see a rainbow
Light up against the sky
I'll look at it with reverence
And praise my Lord on high.

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