I feel like someone used the Killing Curse on a part of my soul.

Well, my childhood officially ended at about 2:40am yesterday.

I got my first Harry Potter book for my 6th birthday: The Chamber of Secrets.
I'd say that my obsession began there, but alas, the padres wouldn't let me read them until I turned ten.
I saw the first movie before I turned ten, and knew then that I absolutely had to read them.
So when I turned ten, I visited my favorite place (the library), and checked out a copy of The Sorcerer's Stone.

It was love the first read through.
I finished the first five books of the series within a month. It'd have been faster if the library had understood that I needed to read them all right then.
Now, all the movie premieres and book releases seem like such a blur. I finished Deathly Hallows in a day, and cried like a baby because it was over. There was no more story to look forward to.
But, I reasoned, I'll still have the films.
At that point in time, I didn't realize that the end would come so quickly! Alas, it did, and I cried again.

Anyway, enough of the backstory, no matter how touching it might be. ;)
I went to the 12:25 showing at the Bountiful Cinemark because I was dumb and waited until the week of to order tickets. But it didn't really matter because I was seeing it anyway so everything was okay. :)
My good friends Josh Thornell and Nick Shrum came with my sisters and me. Nick dressed as a Slytherin student, Josh as a muggle (really he just didn't dress up. Lamey!), McKayla as Fleur Delacour, Cami as Bellatrix LeStrange, and I went for Luna Lovegood, the character I feel that I am most like.

I was very true to character all night: dropping things, forgetting things, saying weird things... Haha. :)
It was so much fun. :)
The movie itself was absolutely incredible. Possibly my favorite of the eight.
If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it! I've even talked to people who don't like the series that liked it. 
It's that good! It made me cry, lovelies!
Anyhow, I think I've ranted enough about the magic (ha ha) that is Harry Potter.
All good things come to an end. It's sad, but it's all right. :)

Oh! I almost forgot! Here are the nails I worked on for two days:
 Left to right: Draco Malfoy, Slytherin house colors, Voldemort, Nagini the snake, Hufflepuff house colors

L to R: Ravenclaw house colors, Hermione Granger, Harry Potter, Gryffindor house colors, Ron Weasley

I'll be sad when they start to chip! They took ages, and I was really pleased with the end product! :)

All good things must come to an end, I suppose.
No matter how sad that might make me.
Adieu, my good friends one through seven.
Until I read you again. :)
Mischief managed.


  1. I look so... Slytherinish. Awesome. Had fun with ya!

  2. Nick I love your mac daddy cane!

  3. I look so... Slytherinish. Awesome. Had fun with ya!


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