Marvelousss *Insert sheepish remark here* Monday!

Disclaimer: I actually did start this on a Monday. I just got sidetracked. 

Dearest Anyone-that-actually-reads-my-blog,
First of all, I love you. :) Because I love you, I'm making it a goal to post twice a week for the rest of the summer, instead of super slacking. Because you like my stuff enough to read it. And I love that. You win. Even those of you who are invisible and stalker-like because I can't see you on my followers (cough Dan and Alexa and maybe even more!). You're the best.
Next order of business -
Things I loved about today:
-Wearing my new Navy TOMS. All day. Like walking on a cloud. A really, really expensive cloud.
-Discovering new artists (as always), like these two, who also happen to be local! Bonus. :) The first is "The Onlyest Thing" by Kalai (I am ignoring the not-word because I am in love with the song), and the second is "Blue-eyed Universe" by Fictionist. Both Utah artists! And both with exceedingly attractive vocalists. ;)

-3 days until HARRY POTTER AND THE DEATHLY HALLOWS PART TWOOOOO (I'm not at all excited. ;) )
-On a completely unrelated note... Harry Potter nails. :) I shall post them when I'm finished!
-The fact that I'm going to earn over $200 this week. I might actually be able to pay for college! Who knew?!
-The prospect of possibly getting a job in Logan this week that pays $9.25/hr starting. Not too shabby for a college student... Crossing fingers here. Interview on Wednesday
-Eating real food! I had some really nasty food this morning... And then I ate delicious real healthy food and it was better. :)
-Going on a sugar semi-fast, so I feel less crappy all the time. All I ever eat is junk. I'mma change that!
-Psych, the best TV show ever to grace the planet. 5 seasons on Netflix. Best. Ever.
-Having my sister tell me I look like Jules, the gorgeous detective on Psych.
-Netflix! We got it last week, and it's SO MAGICAL... :)
-Meeting/getting reacquainted with really awesome/psychotic people. They're hilarious. :)
-Nail polish. And cheap nail polish is even better than nail polish in general. Yes, Walmart. You did it right.
-Dad being safe in Madagascar
-Watching Disney/Pixar movies
-My cousins
-The fact that big huge flowy comfy shirts are the "thing" right now
-The lovely orange party favor bracelet that I wear on my ankle to make me look tan... It sorta works... Okay not really. But it's fancy!
-Sleeeeeeeeping.... :)

Night y'all!

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  1. I am Lars, and I approve of this message. ;) LOVE the songs!


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