I'm alive!

I realize that it hasn't actually been very long since my last post, but it really feels like it has been. I mean... No marvelous Monday? Whaaaat?
Let me just take a second to explain. :)

On Monday I packed up most of the rest of my room and moved up to Logan to live with my mom's cousin, Keli Nield, and her family (husband Ryck and kids Tanner (19) and Hannah (12)). 
I have already decided that Tanner is pretty much destined to be my newest best friend, because we're suuuuper similar. :) He even likes psychology. Winner, right there. :) 
Anyway, the whole family is fantastic. They've been so hospitable, and have really just taken me in and treat me like they do each other. It's been so great. :) 
Sadly my netbook, that I've had for a measly 2 weeks, got cracked on the way up here, so I've been out a computer. I'm currently using the Nield's family computer. 
'Cos they're awesome and said that I could. :)

Tuesday I had a little bit of stress right before work, but I got it all sorted out and got to work right on time! :) I was pretty nervous about the job and everything. At first, that is. 
Once I got in there, my trainer, JD, set me at ease within just the first few minutes. 
He is great, as is every member of my training class! In fact, my class is so great that we're an entire day ahead in our training. Yeah. That's right. We're cool. ;)

You know what? It's only been 5 days, and I already have friends that I know I'll keep for a long time; maybe even for life! The people really are fantastic. 
I'm actually excited to learn more, and to take calls, and just to come to work in general. :) 
Get this- My team lead (on the call floor. Essentially... My supervisor/boss) wears sweater vests. 
He's legit. :) And his name is Tannin. Imma always spell it with a ' at the end, so it's Tannin'. :)

Anyway, that's my update for now. I'm heading home in the morning for church and then we're off to Powder Mountain until Monday sometime. I shall try to post an MM, but if I don't...
I'll write one up and post it later. Haha. :) 

Have I ever mentioned that if you're reading my blog, I love you? 
I have? Oh. Well... I'll just say it again then. :) 
You people are awesome.
So much love.

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