beautiful noise

So I got to guest post for my lovely friend Megan today!
Guess what I talked about?
Yeah, music.
True to form, I suppose.

Check it out here.


He Is Risen

This video is incredible.
When I think of all that He did for me...
For everyone...
I cannot even fathom it.


I am really, so grateful for everything that I have.
My Savior suffering and dying for me, though?
That takes the cake.

I am so grateful for the Atonement. I love my Jesus so much. I am so thankful that He loved me enough to go through so much for me. I am especially thankful for the opportunity I have to live with Him and my Heavenly Father again, through what Christ did for me.

This website is wonderful.
So is this video, and the music with it.

Happy Easter, everyone. Don't forget to take some time and think about what today is really about. :)


No, not starving in the usual way.
Absolutely starving for books.

Once upon a time, I was a total bookworm.
It was super awesome.
I started reading at three, after enthusiastically embracing my mother's attempts to teach me.
I spelled my name out on the sidewalk in chalk.
I read the signs at the zoo.
In first grade, when all of my friends were reading See Spot Run, I was starting chapter books.
My third grade teacher told my parents that I was on a seventh grade reading level, and a few years later they were told I was on a college level.
I read hundreds of books every year
One summer I read like fifty and entered each book's name into a raffle that my local library held. I won a 20GB 4th Generation iPod! Super dope.
Yeah boyyyy. :)

The point here is not to brag.
I'm not trying to say that I am better than other people.
All that I am trying to get across is that -
This is such a beautiful sight. :)
I would be so okay if this is what heaven looked like.

During the summer I would go to the library and come home with a huge stack, only to go back for another stack the next week.
When all my friends were outside swimming or in watching Nickelodeon, I was, most often, sprawled out on my bed, reading Harry's latest adventure, or the Baudelaire's most recent mishap.

Some of my favorites growing up!

K through 12 I would put off homework to finish my latest find, though I got more responsible at the end, when it came down to read-this-book vs. graduate.
That marks when my priorities started to realign, and reading was put on the back burner.
I am ashamed and sad to admit that I have only read two or three books that were not for school during this school year. It is rather horrible, and I am starting to really feel it.
I need literary goodness in my life!
I need it now!

I am vowing right now to start anew, and read, dare I say it, at least four books a month.
That's one a week, which I can totally do. Just have to make sure that I get all of my homework done before I start reading and it shouldn't be a big deal. 
Also, I plan on reviewing them and starting a list of books I read from this point on. Because that's cool! I wish I had a list of all the ones I read growing up... So many. At least a thousand, I'd guess.

The first ones on the list are I Am the Messenger by Markus Zusak and The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald. Both great. I'll be rereading them... I should probably find new stuff, but I'm just grabbing stuff from my house and I've read most of the books that we actually own.
When I do have frequent library access (over the summer!), though, I will need ideas.
I must make a list of must-reads!

Any recommendations, lovely people?
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