Lately I have been utterly pensive.
I've been reading a lot, which tends to do that to me. Or amplify it, at least.
Regardless of why all this deep thinking has occurred, there has been a lot that's been negative.
Some self-doubt, some self-criticism, some reading into things, some... Just negative.
So I am here to focus on the positive.
Plus, with it being Thanksgiving and all, this is kind of obligatory, right? :)

I am grateful for..

A loving family, and the opportunity to be with them forever.

The greatest friends, and all the support they provide me with. 
(I wish I could show pictures of all of you!)

My roommates, who are fantastic, and not crazy (most of the time ;) ).
There are no pictures of all of us and it's a sin. :(

My knowledge of the gospel of Jesus Christ, and my membership in the LDS church.

Already being in my program, music therapy. It's a relief and I'm so glad I made it! Also, music in general. And my guitar. And musical friends. Yeah.

Utah State University, the right place for me :)

My mission call! I am so excited to serve the Dutch and Belgian people!

Cool people who create awesome things for others to enjoy. Like super great music, television, books, art... So many things!

Anyway, there are certainly more things, but these are the ones that are at the forefront of my mind right now! Life is good. Great, even. :)

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