newsies. but really just new.

Although I do so love that movie. Alan Menken is a wonderful individual who is responsible for some of my favorite music ever! Anyway. To the point.

I would like to publicly come out of the closet - I am a total graphic design nerd. I don't think I'm terribly good at it or anything, but I LOVE it. I love analyzing the design of other peoples' work and sitting for hours creating my own. I love art, but I had never really thought about computer-based art a ton until like a year ago, and now... It's bad. Haha. I'm addicted. A lost cause.

That said, I've been working on a new layout for a few weeks (slowly, when I haven't been working or in Montana, etc.)! It's not quite ready, but I'm really excited about it, haha. I have a few things finished, but I don't want to change things a little bit at a time, I want to get the whole thing up at the same time!

Anyhow, be on the lookout! It's going to be super different... So if you check in periodically, you'll notice... I promise. :)


  1. I'm excited to see!! I WISH I understood graphic design at all... maybe I should take like a beginnings class. I'm fascinated by what people can do.

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to put it up! I just need to finish... I want to take classes! If you find any let me know. :)


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