Marvelous Monday X Thanksgiving = yay!

It's a Monday!
It was a pretty good day - Maybe this Marvelous Monday deal is actually working? ;)
Anyhow, as it's Thanksgiving, I'm going to make this a little broader than just today!

Things that I love about life:
-My family
Disclaimer: This picture was taken in 2008. It is the most recent picture of all of us, but none of us look like that anymore. :)
-My beliefs
-This book
-Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior
-My roommates and friends
This was actually a bucket list item... Done! :)
This was Turban Thursday! No racism intended. 
-It's so materialistic of me, but my cell phone.
-...And my netbook.
-Snow! And rain and sun and kinda most everything. Except wind.
-School! As much as I complain... I love it.
-Music. Really, couldn't survive without it...
-Food! 'Specially grateful for momma's cooking now that I don't get it very often...
-Utah State University. :)

-Breaks from school, as much as I love it.
-Technology! Seriously. Electric blanket... Digital music... The internet... Yeah. So much.
-Clothing. Number one, it keeps me warm and covered. Number two, it's so fun. :)
-Aggie Basketball! Actually just Aggie sports in general, but here are some pictures of basketball. :) 

-My major. Music therapy is so incredible, and I'm so excited to help people through it!
-Running water and electricity. 'Nuff said.
-Forgiveness, mercy, and understanding.
-Wintertime! Icicles... Snowy trees... Visible breath...Warm clothes... Love it. :) 

There are plenty of other things, but there are some for ya!
I'm going home tomorrow, which will be fun. :) Hoping to see this over the weekend:
For anyone who doesn't live in Utah, this is Temple Square, and they put up gorgeous Christmas lights every year. :)

I'll post some pictures if I do, and if not I'll just post pictures of other things. :)

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