It's a Monday, and I'm posting. Be proud. :)
It's been a nutsy week! So much goin' on... And so much that should be going on... And... Argh.
Here we goooo!

Things I loved about today:
-The color of my nails
-Mumford and Sons
-Death Cab for Cutie
-Modern technology
-Not doing my own hair
-The lovely people in my building
-Hannah Banks and Megan Garn :)
-Stake dance: College-style
-Breaking it down like the white girl I am
-These songs:

-Thinking about Halloween
-This place. So excited for basketball games! :)
-Seeing this one boy, even if it was just for like 5 seconds
-Interpretive dancing
-Warm clothes
-Listening ears
-Duct tape
-The color yellow
-Food! And the fact that I've been making things! Not today, but still!
-The smell of rain
-Harmonizing to Coldplay songs
-Memories of high school. Or some anyway. Like this one:

That pretty much covers it.
All-in-all... Not a bad day. :)
Peace out, homie Gs! ;) 

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  1. Awake My Soul by Mumford and Sons is my favorite of their songs. It is so powerful! Also I'm so freaking excited for Halloween! Going to make a Halloween mix right now!


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