Happy Monday!

Now that that's out of my system... Hi! 
I'm actually doing a Marvelous post this week. :)
And there's a lot to list, so here we go!

Things I loved about today this month:
-Meeting new people
-Comcast customers who aren't grumpy
-Getting my netbook back!
-Meeting cute boys ;)
-Student wards!
-The Golden Toaster
-Coolish temperatures
-Facebook stalking!
-Graduating training at work!
-Living on campus
-My coworkers
-People who call in with their Comcast problems and make jokes
-Finding the Logan thrift stores (D.I.!)
-Essie: e-nuf is e-nuf and turquoise&caicos
e-nuf is e-nufturquoise & caicos
-Moving in!
-Utah State University... In general. :)
-Chilean neighbors!
-Old Main!
-The way I feel when I get off of work :)
-Being comfortable (physically and mentally)
-Laughing at myself :)
-Knowing what I know
-My religion
-Jesus Christ, my elder brother and Savior :)
-Midnight food runs with mah friends. :)
-Eating chocolate for dinner
-Not having a curfew
-Thunderstorms (of epic proportions!)
-The pursuit of happiness
-This blog. :)

And all you lovely people. :)

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