Marvelous Monday: {Back to School Edition}

So just a note here - This post was started last Monday, and finished just right now... So it's a hybrid. Haha. :) Two weeks together here. In my defense, I barely had time to breathe. Enjoy!

Guess what, y'all?

I started college!
Supas cool, right?
Yeah, pretty much. 
But before I get more into that, two things:

Awwww, little kids!
Awwww, cute proposal!
Men... You should be like Randy. :)
And also, I want to marry Kyle. What? I didn't say that.
Kid History is the best!

'Kay, commercial break over.

Things I loved about today:
-Umm hello, I started college! :)
-Music Therapy with Maureen Heaps... She's hilarious!
-Thinking about mantras
-Maxi dresses, or as Kari calls them, church pajamas
-Wearing dresses
-50 minutes classes!
-Finding thrifting buddies!
-Online window shopping!
-Going on adventures with old friends...

-And with new ones. :)

-This building (the Merrill-Cazier Library) 

-My roommates and neighbors :) 
(Lauren, Kaitlyn, Dalton, and Ben)

-The awesome things I find all around campus 

-Downtown Logan! Main street is the bomb. 

-Having days off of work, when I get to adventure with my friends even more :) 
(Alex and Eric drinkin' some tasty root beer) 

-Sitting on a couch outside a furniture store and waving at people in cars who are driving by. For an hour. :)

-Weird, quirky people who put signs like this in their yards 

-Wondering what this means 

-Family Home Evening (Ward style)! Dodgeball. With some extra rules. 

-These boys:
(Alex, Eric, and Daniel. Being creepsters.)

-This awesome collage. And also the school that it depicts. :) 

-This cool game that you play with just a cue and 8 pool balls! I fail at it. 

-Ending off the night with a fantastic movie. :) 

-Getting new clothing!
-Comfy clothes
-Wearing jeans instead of shorts because it's finally cool enough outside!
-Having my own practice room for an hour every weekday
-The fact that I get to play a Steinway to practice, even if it is an upright
-Having all music classes, except 2!
-Two Institute classes!
-New friends, old friends, and in between!
-Once again... Cute boys. :)

It all makes me feel like this:

(Only less grimace-y and more overjoyed)

Happy back to school, everybody. :)

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