Some more bucket list and an obsession.

Of late, alls I want to listen to is Coldplay. 
There's just something about them that never gets old. :)
AAAAND they have a new album coming out. 
I know where my extra money is going...
Anyway, this is my favorite, currently:

And I'm using this one for an assignment for my Music Therapy class:

And this is the one that is constantly stuck in my head. ALLLLL the time, no joke!

They're so amazing. I would love to see them live someday. :)

Anyway, I've got some more bucket list for you! :) Some are school related... I'll link explanations. :)

26. Become a "True Aggie" (but by kissing a boy I actually like, thanks)
27. Go inside every building on the Utah State campus at least once
28. Go skydiving
29. Learn to sew well enough to make my own clothing!
30. See floating lanterns (like in Tangled! Thailand and China have floating light festivals, as do a few other places)
31. Get an engagement picture taken on a swing
32. Learn to ballroom dance
33. Get a Bachelor's Degree
34. Get a Master's Degree
35. Try all 26 flavors of Aggie Ice Cream
36. Fly in a hot air balloon
37. Walk the Great Wall of China
38. Have dinner in the Space Needle
39. Clean the sink at Angie's 
40. Go bungee jumping

And that, folks, is all for now. 
Thank you and good night!

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