Maaaarvelous... Tuesday?

Yes, yes, yes. I missed three Mondays in a row. I am well aware. Soo... It's Tuesday again. :) That's okay. I'll be better!
Things I loved about today this week the last three weeks:
-Spirit week dress ups
-Being reminded of my childhood! Like:
     *How much I disliked Aaron Carter (For good reason, too! Look at him! He was a weirdo!)
     *How bangle bracelets were all the rage, as well as
     *SO much more. Those were the days.
     *Full House and other lovely TV shows that didn't stink.
-Finding legitimate cowboy boots at the DI for $10, and wearing them way too often
-Spirit Bowl
-Spirit Bowl being OVER
-Los Angeles... Just in general
-Our amazing bus driver for the A'Capella trip, Dan! He approved of my boots. :)
-What humidity does to my hair! It looks better in California! Look! Here and here. See?
-Being asked to Senior Ball at Disneyland by Nicholas Shrum! :) He wins. So much.
-Disneyland, the Happiest Place on Earth!
-Tower of Terror at California Adventure
-All the rest of the rides I went on!
-World of Color show at Disney!
-The buddy system
-Kyle/Randy references
-My friends!
-Spring break
-My family
There is so much more that I want to list, but I'd better stop. :) 'Night!
Peace OUT.

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