deer bois twulve

dear radiohead,
you're pretty much one of my very best friends.
didja know that?
now ya do.
--bon iver

dear skrillex,
i'm glad we're friends again.
it's nice. :)

dear awolnation,
trying to get over myself to help you.
i promise. two weeks.

dear ben folds,
i'm afraid to even talk to you.
i think this is the most terrified i've ever been to talk to someone.
i'm so silly! it's not like i have anything to lose!
--death cab

dear indie,
i will miss you for a year and a half.
classical, hymns, and instrumental are great...
but let's be honest, i'll probably get you stuck in my head anyway.
who knows, maybe nederlanders and belgians have good tastes and i'll hear you on the streets.

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