the staves

Some people are born with raw, beautiful, incredible talent, and The Staves have that. 
Their recorded/produced tracks sound no different live. 
I don't mean that in a "their producer sucks" sort of way. 
I mean it in a "they don't need any fixing" sort of way. 
They. Are. So. Incredible.
So incredible, in fact, that I have this dream to be in a Staves-esque band now. 
My friend Shanley, hopefully my friend Melanie, and I are going to make this happen at school this fall. :) Anyway, just listen to them already.

My favorite song from them!
My favorite song from their Live EP

I was going to post more of their music, but honestly, I'd probably end up posting all of it. They only have three EPs out at this point, so there are only about nine songs to listen to other than some of their live stuff on Youtube (there's not a lot of different songs on those either, but there are some).

This is The Staves. With Tad. And me. :)

They have a full-length album coming out in September! I know where my extra money is going.
If they're ever in Salt Lake again and anyone wants someone to go with - call me up. 
I'll be going for sure.

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