I watch your every move
Hope you're watching mine.
Sing my heart out...
Along with all these feelings that belong to you.

Really, they aren't your feelings-
You stole them.
But still, I
Do tricks,
Dance for you...

And you-
You dance too.
Your dance is so similar
To mine
But somehow,
Your dance is so different
From mine.
The differences...
They shouldn't bother me,
But they do.

They seem to tell me,
"You can't dance like this!
Only I can!"

"Only I can!"
Like a spoiled, bratty child.

For a moment
I try.
I try to prove you wrong.
Defy you
Try to imitate your dance-
Move the way that you do.

But you were right...

I *can't* dance like that.

Only you can.

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  1. I like this... And I hope to one day soon understand it further;) Love ya


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