Walkin' in a Winter Wonder- Oh. What? It isn't winter yet? Darn. :(

So... It snowed for the first time a couple weeks ago. But then it all melted. :(
Fear not though! I took pictures. :) I actually have a snowy poem too... But it's sad... I'll post it anyway.
I wrote it last year, trying to voice some feelings I couldn't figure out a way to express out loud. Anyhow, I'll stop with the description...

The sky a blanket made of gray
a flake falls down of purest white
Another, then
and another,
following and bringing more
The snow falls softly
covering green
ground and roof
tree and road.

The color of the world grows simple-
Black and white and in-between
complexity disperses
and all
Makes sense for once.

Of a sudden
the world rushes back into color
No time for snow to melt
just to disappear
No clouds dissipate- 
They're already gone
Like Mother Nature changed
her mind
without notifying a 

The girl looks 
up from the formerly white ground
Confusion of the worst kind
fills her head
Am I crazy? 
But she knows she is not.

Sorrow consumes her and
she walks home

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