Today I did lots of things.
I went to five classes.
Failed a quiz.
Sang pretty songs.
Continued perfecting a song I'm learning on the guitar.
Ran five miles.
Forgot I had work.
Came dreadfully close to passing out after I actually made it to work.
Received packages in the mail.
Listened to jazz music.
Looked forward to tomorrow.

But even though some of my adventures were not super fun, it was a good day. :)
For instance:
My voice teacher said she can hear my voice getting better (it was all icky and reflux-y and fail)!
I discovered the Logan River Trail - guess where I'll be running forever?
I can play my current favorite song on the guitar. :) Which is this -
And here's a cover of it that I liked. :)
I'm playing it at a program my building is doing tomorrow - Ping Pong and Pancakes. Usually we just eat pancakes and play ping pong, but tomorrow night we're Unplugged. That's right. Acoustic goodness. I'll make people take videos or something and hopefully post stuff here!

On a related note - one of the packages I got was a guitar strap!
Isn't it pretty? I'm in love.

And last but not least, Hunger Games comes out tomorrow!
I'm dressing up and it's gonna be the bomb diggity.

Life's goooood.

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