So this is my 100th post. That's pretty cool.
But that's not what's important.

Yesterday marked the five-year anniversary of my Grandma McMullin's passing after several years of battling with cancer.
What a horrible disease. Not only does it slowly and painfully take its toll on the afflicted, but it slowly and painful affects the people that love that person.

It was hard to watch her go. I remember going to visit her one day near the end of her life. We walked into the living room, where she lay in her hospice bed, and said hello to her. She returned the greeting, but then said, "I should probably be saying goodbye, shouldn't I?"
Needless to say, all of the Anjewierden women commenced sobbing uncontrollably.

My Grandma Florence was an incredible woman. She loved and served everyone that she knew as best she could, and it was hard for her when the tables were turned and we were serving her. I think that she felt out of her element. 
She always knew just what to say to make bruises or hurt feelings feel better. You could feel her love for you in the way she treated you and spoke to you. She was selfless in every way.

It's not great quality, but I love it nonetheless! One of the last family pictures with her.

I think about her often. She was an important part of my life, and I miss her.
I know that I will see her again.
Like I talked about in this post, I am so grateful for my knowledge of forever families.
I am beyond thankful to know that, though she's not physically with me now, she can be with me spiritually, and, one day, I will be able to see and talk to her once more.

I love you, Grandma!

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