Well, I cannot tell a lie - the new Blogger layout kind of scared me off. That and finishing the semester (yeaaah that's right). Anyway, I am back! And so is the old layout... We'll see how I handle the eventual transition.

Anyway, back to finishing my first year of college.
Wow. It feels weird to say that. Only three years left. Maybe.

In those four years I will do many things. 
Some might be:
-Learn more about myself
-Gain much more knowledge about my chosen field
-Fall in love
-Prepare for a mission
-Marriage (weird, and I'd rather not yet, but it could happen)
-Do super awesome research
-Meet about a zillion [more] great people
-Cry a lot
-Laugh until I cry, often
-Work several jobs
-Cross off a few Bucket List items (True Aggie and Aggie Ice Cream for sure!)

It's so odd to think that my life could take some drastic turns in these next few years. In two and a half, I could be out, serving the Lord wherever He wants me to serve. I could also be happily married. Or thinking about going to grad school.

Guess we'll see what the Lord has in store for me. :)

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  1. You want to go on a mission?!
    That's awesome!


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