Oh. Just found this in my drafts. I thought I posted it last week... Well, here!

Umm... First, sorry about that downer post. I was in a bad place. But really, I'm not sorry. I needed to document it. Just don't take any of the down-ing to heart.

Now for happy things! Woot!

So it is no secret that I love me some fashion blogs. 
I mean, there are a bunch chillin' on my blogger list over yonder on my sidebar!
The point here is that usually, I just follow fashion bloggers for their impeccable taste in fashion, and often their senses of humor and great writing. Sometimes, though, there are these little bonus surprises that make me love them even more!

Case in point -

Kendi made a Radiohead reference! Whaaaat? I won't lie, I got really excited when I saw it... And then I left her a comment about how much I loved it... Anyway.


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