marvelous friday, yup.

Oh dearie. I'm rather horrible at this Monday thing. Some things never change, I suppose. 
This is why, though I just changed things up, I am discontinuing Marvelous Mondays. 

I used Marvelous Mondays as a way to get in a groove of blogging more often, but I feel like it has served its purpose, and I would now much rather just post whatever I feel like posting. 
I do not want to feel obligated to post on a certain day, or to post something in a specific format, like Marvelous Mondays have been. 

Actually, I think that this will help me to post more often - Marvelous Mondays tend to intimidate me because they take such a long time, so I put them off forever and then they don't get finished until the end of the week... Then it's not even Marvelous Monday, it's Marvelous all-of-Kira's week. Pff.

Anyway, I love you people who read this blog. Thank you for sticking with me as I figure it out. :)

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