marvelous wednes{Monday}day

Um. Busy weekend/worrying about the week ahead = Definitely forgot to post.
Remembered now though!

Something that is lovely:
Presenting research on eating disorders on Capitol Hill with lovely people and really cool people that make you feel important. Yessir.
From left: Kathryn Heslop, Cheyenne Sachse, Sarah Pope, Aly Bernhisel, and me

State Senator Todd Weiler, myself, and House Rep Becky Edwards

Something that is awesome:
This is a rather sub-par picture of me with the lovely Christiane Noll, but is, nonetheless, a picture of me with Christiane Noll! 
If you don't know who she is, you should first be very sad, and then you should click here.

Something that is fantastic:


bleb noun;
A bubble.
Medicine/Medical.  A blister or vesicle.

Something that is wonderful:
No, not The Twilight Saga. Most of the music from the movies is wonderful though!
I am in love with this song lately. It is... Powerful? Epic? I don't know. Incredible for sure.

Something that is awe-inspiring:
believe in yourself.

Peace, y'all.

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