new year = new marvelous mondays!

I'm changing up Marvelous Mondays. 
No longer will they be a million miles long and be super random and take forever!
From now on, they will include -
*One thing that is super lovely
*One picture of something awesome
*One word that is particularly fantastic
*One video that involves wonderful music
*One quote that is absolutely awe-inspiring

Here we go!

Something that is lovely:
Your friend leaving his Facebook logged in on your computer.
... And that wasn't even all of the comments. :)

Something that is awesome:
Beside reaffirming the fact that my sister is the most adorable/beautiful child ever, this picture screams "childhood" to me. And I love it.

Something that is fantastic:

n. - additional name. agnomination, n. surname; punning; alliteration

Something that is wonderful:
If my life had a soundtrack... This would be the theme. So gorgeous. This song is a good 8 minutes long, but turn it on in the background while you do something. It's incredible.

Something that is awe-inspiring:

Pinned Image
Thank you, Dr. King.

A good night to all!

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