Marvelous ON A MONDAY!

Yes, you're shocked, I know. It's a Monday, and I'm posting... There's a first time for everything. ;)
Today has been an especially horrible Monday, so it's a good thing that I have so much to be thankful for, too. Otherwise I might be upset, and then where would we be?
Anyhow, I shall leave my words for the list. :)
Things I loved about today:
-Random texts from EFY buddies! Especially with inside jokes.
-Totes. Haha. Hahaha.
-The fact that graduation is so very near! 
-The prospect of working three jobs... College will happen!
-Cheesecake cupcakes
- Awesome prospective college friends
- This song. And just this woman in general.
-Water! It saves me from coughing up a lung!
- Talking to my uncle Russ, whom I have not seen for ages because he lives in North Carolina (in the town where my best friend is moving to... Go figure.)
- Boiled eggs
- Random tuna cravings...
- Meeting new people. :)
- Renaming new friends (who are boys) with woman names. You know who you are.
- Being renamed George
- I got to work on time!
- Facebook
- Discovering that my Psych project is actually just a presentation of information that I already have
- This video. The title itself is lovely. :)
- The fact that even though I woke up super late, I was still fairly well groomed.
- Kleenex. Oh man.
- Pain killers and cold/cough meds! I am not a zombie because of them!
- The fact that I could still sort of sing in Chorale today, even though my voice is rather shot.
- I don't feel like I failed my math test! Which is good, because I need to pass the class.
- Repainting nails
- Having time to blog
- Being able to listen to music because my homework didn't require too much rational thought... :)
- My mother's reaction to Death Cab for Cutie's name. You'd think with band names like Oingo Boingo, Men Without Hats, and Twisted Sister from her generation she wouldn't bat an eye. :)
So all in all, it was TOTES not that bad of a day! ;) 
Peace, homes.

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