I blame Blogger this time. I tried to log in and post several times this week, only to find an out-of-service type message every time... It was rather frustrating! Anyhow, I am here, as are some marvelous things.
Things I loved about... Forever? (Maybe just the past two weeks.)
-The fact that I was super upset that "Rolling in the Deep" (by the lovely Adele; I posted it here) was number one on the iTunes top ten. I've officially become a musical non-comformist. Or something.
-Fancy dreams that involve awesome things! Like pretty yellow convertibles and fantastic hugs and not dying!
-Prom. And my big red dress... :)
-Discovering new, lovely songs that I didn't know I had on my iPod! This time it was "July Flame" by Laura Veirs. It was a Single of the Week on iTunes at some point, I guess!

-The gorgeous 75-degree weather we've been having! It is so nice to be able to wear whatever I so desire instead of pants, long sleeves, coats, sweatshirts... You get the picture. 
-I found our copy of Photoshop Elements! It isn't all of Photoshop, but it's something. :)
-Having two jobs... And an interview for a third one on Monday! I'm making bank! Or will be if anyone ever starts sending me/giving me checks...
-Realizing that next week is the last full week of high school that I'll ever have!
-Taking the test for my World Civ packet and breathing a sigh of relief... I'm going to graduate! :)
-Silver nail polish
-Mexican jewelry, especially earrings like this and bracelets like this!
-Running in the Salt Lake City chapter of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure!
-The last A'Capella concert of my life! It was bittersweet.
-Ice cream, especially with friends
-This movie, and the insane crush I have on this fictional male romantic lead.

-This outfit:

Blazer: Hand-me-down  Dress: H&M  Leggings: Target  Cowboy Boots: D.I.
... the view from our house...
... and my cowboy boots, just to top it all off.
 -The fact that I actually had an outfit that I liked well enough to post... I have this whole aspiration to jump on the fashion blogger bandwagon, as I am obsessed with them... But I don't like my clothing choices enough.Yet. Gotta do some hardcore thrifting for college one of these days. Someday soon I'll try out Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge. :)
I'm sure I missed about a zillion and a half things, but there you are. :)
That's all, folks!

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