Terrific (Marvelous Monday) Tuesday! (see what I did there? ;) )

I actually had this post written out on paper yesterday. Just never got it up on Blogger... Anyhow. Lovely long list today (alliteration! :) ).
Things I loved about {yester}day:
-Turning in my psychology book
-It was the last legitimate Monday of high school! (There's one more, but no one comes the last week...)
-This week only has four school days. :)
-Starbursts. And positive reinforcement. In a psych class. Yesss.
-Microflow.... It's what I do allllll the live long day while I sort of pay attention in classes.
-Realizing that I have money! Like... Really!
-Waking up late, but with enough time to get ready still.
-Being able to shower and leave the house having done almost nothing at all with my hair.
-Rock-paper-scissors tournaments
-Getting new music
-Old friends
-New friends
-Poetic moods
-Poetry that has a personal meaning to you. Even if it's yours, ha. :)
-The color blue
-Pens (over pencils. :P)
-The pile of books next to my bed that are just waiting to be read!
-Music puns (Can you Handel it?... We've got your Bach... Haydn seek... :) )
-Super large purses that fit the world inside them
-Donuts. Also, chocolate milk.
-Cherry Carmex
-And last, but not at all least...
Further proof that Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson are completely and utterly brilliant:
Adieu, adieu, to you and you and yo-oou!

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