Sunny days, sweeping the clouds away...

So it was raining really hard, and then it decided to stop and give the sun a chance to come out.
I am very appreciative. Thank you, clouds, for giving someone else a chance to shine (bahaha, I'm so punny). 
Anyway, I wanted to make an appearance today, too! I should really start posting more often. I feel like Marvelous Mondays have become a "oh look I only have to post on Mondays I'm done okay bye". So... 
I'm fixing that. :)

Here are some lovely things! -

This proves that Jon Schmidt and Steven Sharp Nelson are completely ingenious.
I almost can't believe this... 
I'm proud to call the author of this my best friend.
Today I wore this... 
Sweater and skirt: DI (thrifted), Tank: Target, Bracelet: Present from Mexico Gladiator sandals: Payless

In a few weeks my family is headed to some places 
like this.
But for now, I'm heading to bed. I wish mine looked like this. Too cool. :)
Hasta la vista! 

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